Wednesday, December 26, 2007

    @%&^$# Meccano

    Can't complain as I always prefer 'grow into gifts' for the boy, rather than those marked for his age group ( which are invariably lame and for 'babies' )

    But I really wish his Dad wasn't working today.

    I want the time spent on making this, back.
    It doesn't even *really* look like a digger.
    I'm sure the last instruction page was missing..

    Other than that, lovely Christmas. No stress or cleanup on my behalf and something I could become quite used to. I think the Breakfast idea was a golden one, and may become a new 'tradition'.
    Coffee, pastries, fruit, juice. Too easy.

    The only thing I feel bad about was going to Mum's. Apparently she'd roasted and prepared every type of meat under the sun. The table was set like at a fancy restaurant and much care had gone into placements and detail ( I didn't even grace it with a photograph ! )

    Even though we'd only had a small plate of food at the paternals ( me: 2 small slices ham, one tiny dollop potato salad, same for a lettuce and avocado salad - no drinking or snacks ), but the fact we'd started off the day with pastries ( we generally only eat 2 meals a day here - sort of a brunch and linner setup ), we were pretty full when we arrived.

    And mum had a coffee table of dips, seafood, snacks and etc which we grazed on.

    So then after all that, no-one wanted the 'real' food.

    We didn't even get to see the work that went into it ( I know this would have upset me greatly if I was catering ). I kinda wish i'd asked AB for the car today so I could drive back and appreciate the effort.
    Maybe we still will, i'll call Mum soon and see what her plans are - such a waste of food !!


    ** Update, just back from Mums - got the car off AB
    and had a pleasant Boxing Day to boot.
    Lunch was delicious. I'm glad it got to be appreciated, albiet a day late :)


    linnie said...

    My 4.5 year old has meccano. He loves it as long as I build it and he plays with it. It usually ends in frustration on both counts and hence he probably hasn't touched it in the last 3 months.

    He has just discovered lego which we both have much more fun with. I build as per instructions and he rebuilts and makes it so much cooler. I highly recommend lego.

    KikiMiss said...

    That was lovely you got the car to go and visit your Mum. I'm sure she would have been absolutely thrilled. Shame AB didn't get to partake, unless of course you took home a "doggie bag"?

    Like Linnie, we do Lego here too..definitely see Miss A is into her crafting/thinking type gifts rather than the ceramic money box for an adult she was given (yep, one of THOSE gifts we were emailing one another about!!!).

    How did you fair in that dept? Do tell all!

    dottycookie said...

    I'm glad you could get to enjoy your Mum's lunch after all!

    My husband is doing grown up Meccano as I write. I'm not sure how much he's enjoying it ...

    Damselfly said...

    Glad you had a merry Christmas! And I wish we celebrated Boxing Day too.

    h&b said...

    Yep - we have tonnes of Megablocks ( chunky Lego ), which we have been lovin' for years. Very creative !

    Kiki - no crap presents this year !
    I'm still in shock !

    Surfing Free said...

    Oh God - the mountains of food! I still feel full. But I'm glad you got to appreciate your Mum's cooking efforts. And I love meccano!

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    You see, this is why we spread the whole xmas feasting thing over 2 or 3 days. Glad to hear no crap pressies this year, it really makes a xmas.

    h&b said...

    Actually - we did get one lot of - not so much crap, but not good for us gifts -

    Movie Tickets.

    From the person that has bought us movie tickets for the last 3yrs at least, and we keep telling them we don't like going to the cinema. We still have the tickets he bought us last year.

    At least this year they're not personalised with our names, so we're giving them to a work colleague of AB's who love the flicks.

    meggie said...

    Your story about your Mum reminded me of a similar hurt for my Mum.

    glad you had a chance to 'go back'.

    Anonymous said...

    I completely understand about the meccano!! We never make it to the finished prodcut as the pieces are usually spread all over the house and lost by the time dad gets home to construct it.

    tiel said...

    OH I am laughing. My husband feels your pain. Our 5 yr old received 8+ meccano as a gift from his grandparents for Christmas. And my husband has finally put it together today. Our son now says to us, "this tip truck has to stay together until I am 8. then I can take it apart and try it for myself."

    I'm all for the older age bracket thing too. Our son can put 7+ lego together no worries, but Mecanno is a whole new ball game.

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