Thursday, December 27, 2007

    Our Christmas

    My favourite shots of the past few days, clockwise
    ( you can click to enlarge if you like ):

    1. Santa's feast ( next year i'm going to make reindeer dust - I left it too late this year, but there were carrots ).
    The scroll is our letter to Santa.

    2. 'Mote controlled cars. These are a HIT, and perfect for the new driveway, as well as indoors, and on the deck. We are having lots of fun.

    3. Sleepy surprise on Christmas morning to see Santa and the Gang have raided their offerings.

    4. Terrorising the cat ( stupid cat - doesn't he recognise trouble yet ? )

    5. No-one mugs for the camera like my sister. The boy bought her husband a balloon-animal-making-kit for Christmas. So much fun.


    So the boy got DVDs, books, a car garage and the 'mote controlled cars. He's very happy.
    My favourite gift was the exact same trifle bowl I borrowed off my sister 2 Christmasses ago and didn't want to return.
    Now i've got my own - yay !

    AB's fave gifts were some golf books from me.
    He was disappointed and shocked no-one gave him a copy of the 2007 Geelong Premiership Grand Final DVD as he thought it would be a dead cert gift.
    Everyone assumed he already had it. Poor baby :)

    I asked him where he'd be allowed to watch such a thing anyway, and he said he was planning on running it on a loop over & over again while I recuperated from birth in hospital.



    Melody said...

    Nice one.... Sounds like yo had an enjoyable day, love the piccies. I, like you, broke our carrots off too.... And Santa got a donut? Ours got those mini Cadbury Bars and scoffed a few too by the looks of it. And no milk here. It was a beer.

    Miss Monet woke up grumpy *I know* so she had her moments during the day, but otherwise it was pretty good. SO many new things to play with, just in time for all our wet season rain!!!!

    Surfing Free said...

    What a lucky Santa. A friend got a balloon twisting kit a couple of years ago and it seems to have completely changed his personality - whenever there are kids around he turns into a circus clown willing and able to twist balloons at the drop of a hat!

    Where does one PUT all of the new toys that Santa brought with him!!!??

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Love the Santa feast, we always left carrots for the deer and beer for Santa, dad said that was what Santa really wanted. And we always knew Santa had been because the deer would always leave a little xmas poo behind! (IF only knows what that acually was).

    Louise said...

    Look at that little face - gorgeous! I want to give my girls remote controlled cars - I reckon they'd love them. It looks like you a had a very relaxed Christmas. I feel like I just survived mine - I have already promised myself I will be more organised next year.

    dottycookie said...

    Aww, lovely pics. We did reindeer food this year - glitter in porridge oats - made at 7am on Christmas Eve. I wasn't up to much else at that hour. They scattered it all over the lawn and the rain overnight washed it away so we were all happy!

    Damselfly said...

    Your design is always so clean and interesting. Love the balloon art!

    Anonymous said...

    Oh yes, your cat is THRILLED by the choice of Christmas gifts for your son.

    Kim said...

    I want a pic of the trifle bowl. Your sister (and her hubbie) look like good people.

    joanne said...

    god that made me laugh - you resting your toosh whilst husband jeering at the telly watching the grand final over and over and over again...... ahhhh footy will we ever get it???

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