Monday, December 24, 2007

    Back Again

    Can't .. can't .. can't .. can't ... can't resist the blog ...

    Actually, i'm here because i'm house/real-estate obsessed.
    Everyone that knows me knows I peruse every day. I look at homes in areas I have lived, in the 'burb I now live, and in 'burbs friends are interested in. Because

    Yesterday I slobbed around and did nothing but watch the Lifestyle Channel ( now part of the basic Foxtel package - yay ! ) - Grand Homes Abroad, Property Ladder, Relocation, Relocation...

    If anyone grew up reading the Footrot Flats comic books - to me, this is the equivalent feeling I imagine when Wal throws dog an oyster. I couldn't find a image of that rapturous expression, but it's just perfect, and that's me watching these types of shows. Easy pleased, I am :)

    Soooo, what am I on about ?

    Well, I was just watching the ABC and some show on Florida.

    Did you know there is a suburb of Florida completely built and manufactured by the Disney Corp ??
    It's like one of those gated type communities with lots of rules. Bizarre.

    The women they interviewed said even divorce was 'nice' there. It was pleasing to see none of them were dressed as Minnie Mouse, but it reminded me of a movie I once saw that was supposed to be in a safe, gated, nice community, and yet the house was wired into being spied upon by central management and I think the family ended up burning the house down to escape.
    It was a cool 'made-for-TV' type movie, but I can't find any reference to it on the 'net. The 'net's letting me down today ..

    I also remember - was it last year or the year before ? .. when Martha Stewart released her range of designer homes. You must choose from Martha paints in a limited range of hues, and you're not allowed to move in with the tacky old furniture from whatever trailer you're hauling your arse from.
    No. It must be in the style.of.Martha.

    Which is nice, I guess, in an homogenised kinda way.
    But I so *totally* baulk at being what to do. Always have. And no doubt my cobbled-together greenhouse would be a no-no, or the fact I attacked a sliver of wall in my house with blackboard paint, and a million other of my on-a-whim ideas and implementations. Even though I appear totally non-rebellious, I just know I couldn't cut it .. even if I really, really wanted to.

    And I don't really like any of those Martha homes - i'd want to take a bit of this and a bit of that and do my own thing. Her exterior paint choices are crud too.

    While we're on the topic .. before the notion of a McMansion in Australia, I lived in a fibro house in a small town in NSW. Pretty quiet life - no cinema, fast food, and everything closed at 5pm.
    From there, I went on to be an Exchange Student in the USA for a year. Talk about a revelation !

    They had something called a 'Street of Dreams' and one opened up in my community.
    *Everyone* went to the Grand Opening. I fell in love.
    10years later, we went back and I insisted on doing a little drive around. Still gorgeous, so clean, kept, manicured. Very "Grand"

    I love beautiful homes.

    I even think it's fun to visit new home lots when i'm NOT shopping for homes.
    My favourite outing would be to a historic heritage-listed home, and on holidays locally or afar, we do this a bit.

    Still have to tick off Graceland.

    Next year i'm hoping to tour one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous homes.

    I think i'd better wrap up this post now - the adrenaline is making me dizzy.
    I know, i'm sick. But it's a good sickness. Perhaps a tad boring for others, but i'm too busy doing my 'dog sucking an oyster' face to notice the stifled yawns of others.

    Santy Paws comes tonight.

    We're leaving out our first ever 'offering' of cookies. carrots, and milk.
    And a letter.
    Can't wait to have that one dictated to me.



    Anonymous said...

    Hi H & B,
    I have recently discovered your blog (through Red Sultana) and wanted to say hi and I share your obsession! I regularly look at what's happening with the market and what people are doing with their houses. I love the photos of your renovations - they give me inspiration for when we return to Perth to do up our 1930s California Bungalow. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    Christie said...

    I would like to go to Graceland too...

    I remember seeing a story on the Martha homes, it was a bit strange for me, too much control freak etc...

    One of my fav things is going for a cruise in the 'hood to perve at the 'nice' houses. Walking with the kids is a good excuse to have a looksee, you ever watch Grand Designs on Foxtel, I think it is on the lifestyle channel too-love that show!

    Happy Xmas

    creative-type dad said...

    I have a friend who lives in Celebration, Florida (the town Disney built.)
    We paid a visit a few years ago and it was actually really nice. Very storybook type neighborhood - and some of the houses were HUGE.

    Apparently Disney sold the town center and professional buildings some time ago so they have nothing to do with it anymore.

    Anonymous said...

    I saw that Disney neighbourhood on Pilot Guides,too. How weird is it??
    I share your love, h&b. We would be good tv buddies.
    Grand Designs is my favourite programme.

    Melody said...

    I have the 'hots' for Kevin. Grand Designs is a favourite here. Love Kirsty and whats-his-face from Relocation, relocation and Location, location, location.


    I studied Frank Lloyd at uni for a while. Great man with funky designs.

    I need to see Gaudi work in Spain sometime. Not next year though. Not enough time or $ in the bank.


    When we get bored we go on drives called 'Thank God I don't Live here Tour Number??" Used to do that a lot in Melbourne. Visit suburbs we would like to live in or suburbs we were grateful we did not.

    Have a great day tomorrow. It is very important to leave out a beer for Santa and chocolates too. Very important.

    Fiona said...

    We're 'offering' fruit cake, beer and a carrot! Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow - merry christmas! xo

    Fairlie said...

    When I discovered that Lifestyle Channel had been moved to the Basic Foxtel package, it was like Christmas had come early!!

    meggie said...

    My Cousin & her husband bought a hosue in a semi gated community in NZ. They were limited to a choice of 3 house plans, 3 colour choices & could change very little within the existing plans. I felt horrified at the idea of restrictions & rules, but when I saw the house - which is truly their 'home'- I loved it, & even loved the colours. A bit close together, but still private, & peaceful.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Glad you left Santa a milk. After all the beers the rest of us left him he was probably getting a tad unsafe in charge of those reindeer. Although can I tell you a secret? Fixit really drank Santa's beer. Don't tell our kids. I think he snitched the shortbread too...

    Janet said...

    I love houses too. Even looking there have been some, especially the ones with furniture that i have really enjoyed. Until it comes to decision time, that is.

    Can't imagine living in a martha home. We like twiddling and tweaking too much.

    Hope you had a good one and santy paws left some cool stuff!

    Anonymous said...

    The homogenised house look, an entire suburb with mickey mouse letter boxes, makes me want to become a grafitti artist. Just a little bleach to form curse words on their two inch high in this exact shade of green to match the eaves grass.

    I may have a slight evil streak, sigh...

    Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

    I'm such a Lifestyle junkie - its just about all I ever watch. I love those real estate shows, particularly Location, Location, Location and will admit to a bit of a secret crush on Phil Spencer. Did you see that episode where he got in the spa, sans shirt? I needed a cool shower after that.

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