Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    Bone Weary ...

    But in a good way.

    AB's day off yesterday, so we got stuck into part of the front garden 'landscaping'.

    It was only when we'd bought all the plants that I realised I was reconstructing my front window vista from my last beloved home.

    We only sold it as we had no backyard .. and the 'neighbours' that owned our old backyard ( subdivided lot ) was an aggressive wife-bashing sort. Whose home alarm would go off about ... oh ... 12 times a day ( that was fun with a newborn )
    We alerted him to the fact ( nicely ), but he got really angry at us.
    Nice sort.

    Soooo ... I got a silver birch for a central 'feature' tree .. which we've underplanted with bush roses ( icebergs - x3 ), and a couple of purple fountain grasses. We've also put in a box hedge to edge the porch, and some dianellas ( hardy non-water needing Australian native commonly used in roadside plantings ) to border the pathway.

    And solar lights.

    ( ran out of tanbark, hence slightly unfinished in this pic )


    And here's an updated bump, in reclining position, taken by the boy the other night:

    And in other news, i've been published again !!
    A 'whole house' story this time. No link here this time as names are revealed etc .... but if you're interested in a sticky, and I 'know' you - email me for a look-see.

    Next up: planning the menu for the Xmas Party here this weekend ( hence all the frantic activity ). I bought the most awesomely cheap punchbowl on eBay earlier this year, so am thinking of making my first non-alcoholic punch.

    I bet old fashioned punch at a party is very naff, but I don't care.
    Yum !


    meggie said...

    Hey, nice bump!!
    I love that your son takes pics- what a great hobby for him.

    Your garden is looking very nice.

    Kirsty said...

    I reckon punch should be at every party. My mother-in-law makes an awesome punch & it's always the first thing to go. Garden's looking gorgeous & so is the bump.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    I love the croc pencilcase.

    You know I want to see the published piece.

    And snap re the punch - Margot had some at a preshool party and I decided we would have it for the kids on Christmas Day.

    Do you have a good recipe - mine would need to be non alcoholic too.

    KikiMiss said...

    You're front garden looks superb! And doesn't kitty look content sitting there like that, I bet the concrete was toasty warm.

    Fairlie said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Fairlie said...

    (Oops...hit publish before I was finished)

    I just said to my preggers SIL last week that we should have a non-alcoholic punch for Christmas Day. If you work out a good mix, let me know! I've been looking at the Merry Berry recipe in the free Safeway magazine (Fresh) and thinking of adapting it.

    That driveway is looking mighty fine. Especially with cat!

    Muzbot said...

    Old fashioned punch is never naff. So long as there's an orange with cocktail onions (red, green and white ones) on tooth picks near by. :)

    Front yard is looking good.

    Melody said...

    Oh old-fashioned punch is to die for. I have a lovely recipe if you're interested...

    Your son is very, is 'artistic' the word I'm looking for. Do you think AB will take it to golf with him next time? They are tees aren't they?

    You know I too would like to see the published piece. Only if you want me to have a peek?

    Garden looks fabulous and very water-friendly. Nice one. Well done to all involved.

    h&b said...

    Kirsty & Melody - yes please to recipes ! And then i'll pass them on to BM Mary and fairlie as well ;)

    Muzbot - you forgot the kabana and tasty cheese chunks on Jatz...

    oh - and the crocs have coloured pencils in them this time. "Artistic" = lots of mess, a lot of the time :)

    muser said...

    oh yes we always do punch at Christmas 'dos'. A big ccan of tropical fruit punch, lemonade, ginger ale. Slight variations thereof. Yum yum.

    Very attractive landscaping, and bump. Add me to the hand-up list for the aforementioned publishing.


    Aunty Evil said...

    I love the way the front yard is coming along!

    The bump photo is very good! It's almost like "where's wally". It took me a while to figure out where you were in the picture!

    kylie said...

    for your punch you should make the ice cubes out of what ever juice you are using so that when they melt your punch doesn't go all watery...only if you are adding mum used to freeze the fruit pieces so they were super cold... but living in cairns we have to do anything possilbe to make things stay colder just a little longer

    Louise said...

    I LOVE punch and was given a lovely punch bowl for Christmas last year - absolutely perfect for parties and kids really love it. Your garden is looking fabulous and I too would love to see you published piece. Loving the bump photo, mostly because you are sitting with your feet up - excellent!

    Kim said...

    Forget all of it.
    Using his Croc as a pencil case?

    But the garden stuff is pretty darn impressive.

    Ange said...

    The front garden is looking fantastic, I might even pinch a few ideas for the new house if you dont mind.

    As for the punch bowl, I inherited ny nans & cant wait to make a punch, maybe for little miss chloes first bday bash

    dottycookie said...

    Your garden looks fabulous! We don't have one - it's an old house with a tiny space in front that's ssacrificed for parking - but one of thee days I hope we'll have a place with space for one. I'd be very happy if it looked like yours!

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