Monday, December 10, 2007

    The Morning Got Better

    I'm going to be so surprised when I open my new Nigel Slater book on Christmas morning !!

    I didn't even bother flicking through to see if words grabbed me ( I often read a random page when considering a new book ) - I loved "Toast" so much, I just had to buy "Eating for England".

    Plus it had a cool cover pic.

    And it was FREE due to the 'shopper rewards' I accumulate from always buying from the same bookshop. Win/win.

    And there were new kittens in the Pet Shop. Fighting and biting each other and chasing toys.

    And I ran into an old work colleague from over 10yrs ago.

    He looked the same, but I was blonder, with shorter hair, fatter ( in a bump-hugging top that left no question to my 'condition' ) and pushing a stroller and yelling after a 3yr old that was running ahead. A little different from the girl with the long dark hair in an Amanda-from-Melrose-Place inspired Power Suit.

    So I took off my sunnies and said hello while giving both my first and last names.

    Lucky he either recognised me, or is overly-skilled after a lifetime of sales work, so any 'who the hell...?' confusion was well masked.

    So that was nice.

    And on the way home my stroller wheel got caught on the railway track and flung my son out.
    Which didn't hurt him, but certainly gave him a scare.

    When we recomposed, he told me he didn't like me anymore.
    I think he thought I did it on purpose.

    Which is pretty funny.


    kurrabikid said...

    The 'kid out of stroller' thing gives you a fright, doesn't it?! I did the same to my son when he was tiny - about three months old. The sight of this little bundle on the concrete ... awful. But at least it was winter and he was all wrapped in blankets. Could have done without the old lady who rushed up to chide me, saying 'you have to look after him' ... geez, like I meant to do it!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Oh, poor boy! Trying not to laugh at his response though.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Yes the response is ........familiar. Though not overly familiar thank goodness.

    Now to catch up on your flurry of posts - the garden is looking deliciously verdant and inviting.

    The Nigel Slater book is looking deliciously inviting.(I will wait to buy it until I have read your review.)

    The tradie sucks.

    I could never put the stroller on an escalator due to losing one of my children out of one at the top of the other. Scarred me for life.

    Thank you for being a good blogging friend.

    tracey petersen said...

    Big OOOPS moment. Kids can't believe it when their parents have an accident can they?

    As to the driveway parker, in the words of Blue mountains mary - you should kick his arse...TWICE!

    Louise said...

    My husband did the escalator thing once and I don't think I trusted him to push the stroller for ages after that. Pretty funny reaction from your boy though - naughty mummy!

    Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

    Yup I've done the kid out of the pram thing too, but mine was just a babe. As a novice mum I went pusher first down the gutter and the kid slid out the bottom. He survived!
    I love kittens in a pet shop. I saw the cutest ones at Southland the other day. There's always one naughty one that body slams the sleeping one. Makes me laugh every time.
    Great book - I love Nigel Slater too. Great cover photo.

    Aunty Evil said...

    I am feeling cross at that tradesman who parked on your drive. Geeze. What a wanker. I would have said nothing, but when he went to the backyard, let the air out of his tyres.

    Why were you pushing your child along the railway tracks anyway? :)

    Fairlie said...

    Laughing at the very familiar reaction...I often get "you're not the best mummy in the world anymore." Which is kind of a backhanded insult!

    Eating for England looks fab. One thing I have missed this year with my "no new books" resolution is accumulating my shopper rewards dollars at the local bookshop. Somehow it doesn't seem like real money when you use your vouchers to buy something - like a free gift. You just forget about all the $$$ you spent beforehand to get the reward!

    Victoria said...

    It is funny, I would think that was funny!!

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