Saturday, August 18, 2007

    Friday on a Saturday

    A Daddy-Day, so we had a fair bit to get through, using him for my own agenda, as I do.

    MC wasn't much fun yesterday, for some reason, and we came across conflict at every stage, which considerably hampered my enjoyment of the day.
    We went to visit Auntie Cookie at Magnolia Square - a short-lived venture, but boy, I wouldn't mind living in Malvern East, in my designer-clipped garden, in my mansion, with my staff.

    Far Out, what a nice locale.
    The market was so lovely, although rather cramped - I felt a bit sorry for the traders.
    Shannon was going great guns though, and I only got a quick 'hi' in between her furiously jotting down commissions. Way to go.

    We'll be back for our own family portrait once the lambing season is over, I think.

    I bought this for the boy to buy me more time there, but it didn't really work:

    I know, i'm allowing myself to be manipulated by a mini-dictator, but I just couldn't be bothered yesterday.
    He played with it all night anyhow, and he adores camels, so ..whatever..


    And on to the Flashback.
    I had another picture planned, but this week's theme is "Group Photos", so I bring you the Kinder shot, 1974. ( You'll have to click to enlarge )

    Where am I ?
    Oh, you're probably looking for the little blonde curly-headed thing. She's gone.

    I'm the tragic with a head too big for my boy-cut, and wearing boy-clothes not unlike what I dress my SON in these days. Except he doesn't wear Mary-Janes ( and I still do ).

    Yes.. this was the start of the 'Can I Help You, Son' days.
    If you've worked out who I am, checked out my mournful face. I think my smile fell to the floor with the curls.


    caramaena said...

    I think I've worked out which one you are (only by the mary janes though).

    I must admit to a bit of a giggle at the looks on everyone's faces. The kids look a little startled or confused. Must be something about little kids and school photos. I remember seeing similar sorts of looks on my first class school photos.

    crafty said...

    I think I know which one you are. Nice vest. Am I right? You're very cute, despite the lack of curls.

    h&b said...

    Actually, I just realised there are two of us in vests and Maryjanes.

    I am the one that doesn't look like a girl ( 2nd row, far right ).

    Stomper Girl said...

    I could tell it was you. You're cute.

    Market sounds posh, great to hear Shannon was a hit.

    Aunty Evil said...

    I couldn't figure out from the "mournful" clue which one was you, all the kids in this pic look mournful, was that teacher a bitch or something?

    Anyway, it could be worse. You could be the little girl second row, two in from the left. Did her mother NEVER tell her how to sit like a lady?

    h&b said...

    ha - Auntie Evil - I only noticed all the non-smilers after I made my comment, and yeah - what is going on there ?!?!

    I'm pretty sure Ms Open-Legs was my best friend, and those teachers do look pretty mean, yeah ...

    The old one looks like one of those old ladies that *pinch* kids really hard, just to make them cry ..

    Melody said...

    Yes, East Malvern is lovely isn't? I lived in Malvern during my Uni years and went to the uni across the road at Caulfield. *sigh*

    Your Kindy photo is very cute. It's funny how all knidy photos around those years all look alike. Teachers don't look very nice though...

    Fairlie said...

    The market is great, isn't it? They're moving it to the Malvern Town Hall from November onwards, which will be a LOT more spacious.

    Cute kindy photo, but you do all look a bit dazed and confused!

    bluemountainsmary said...

    This is fun - bouncing around all my favourite blogs a bit pissed after the end of season soccer bbq at our place - really glad you went to see the market and Aunty Cookie - it is only at times like these that I realise we all live in different towns and even countries - I don't really think about where people are living as I am so much more interested in how their day to day lives are going...

    Sheeps Clothing said...

    What a sad little kinder! You all look like your favourite pet died....
    As for nice houses near Magnolia Square - I'm having the big one that is a reception centre or something similar. What a beautiful street! I think I am going to have to change my dream locale from Elwood to East Malvern. Or perhaps I could have a house in both, because when I get rich, I'm getting really rich.

    Shannon said...

    oh my lord the houses on that street, awesomeness eh? thanks for the quick pop in - and donty worry if you only saw my stall then you have seen the best one there!!

    Did you spot Pru & Trude????

    meggie said...

    The MC looks a lot like you, this is how I picked you out.
    Very sweet.

    tracey petersen said...

    I wouldn't feel uncomfortable about your hair cut. It seems there were very few good hair cuts at ELtham pre-school in 1974.

    PS I could recognise you. You haven't changed a whole lot. But your hair is great in 2007.

    VictoriaE said...

    It's a cool toy. I would like it.
    Most of those kids look somewhat stunned!

    nutmeg said...

    Kindergarten 1974 - I remember it well! Loved the photo - and your cute little vest! In kinder and first class I was the one with the traditionally long ringlet curl. Then mum convinced me (first and last time) to get it cut - big mistake; but I'm not holding onto it in any way - not ;-)

    muser said...

    SO jealous you live in Melbourne and could go to AC's market stall. I'm with you on the family portrait. I REALLY want one but will wait til the latest junior is a bit older. HOpefully AC is still doing them then. :)

    Kim said...

    You did markets with a boy?
    Actually that's unfair as I could do markets with Felix. Oscar would be beside himself with all the people and the two littlies are too little to have showed me their hand at any browsing capabilities.

    My float said...

    Man, I must have been the only person not to have spotted you first time - probably because you all looked terribly mournful.

    Still, while you did look rather like a boy, it was a very cute one!!

    Damselfly said...

    Aw, you poor thing. And they made you sit there in black and white, no color. ;)

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