Thursday, August 16, 2007


    Oh husby, I tease thee !

    Ok, so I didn't just get the insipid 'Greetings from San Francisco' mug. AB also visited the Harry & David outlet for me, as he always does.

    BTW - I have no idea how this brand is regarded in the US, so if it's shameful, best keep it to yourself ok ? I like the Sweet Red & Ancho Chili at the moment ( from his last visit )
    I like it on ham sandwiches, which i'm not supposed to be eating.

    I am the Savoury Queen, and although I enjoy the idea of sitting around with teacake and tea and titering oh-so-politely, i'd rather be exchanging witty ( perhaps smutty ? ) repartee with some gals over some glasses of vino and some delights of the non-sugary variety.

    Dips are good, as is bread, cheese, olives, antipasto - anything fingerfood.

    The other thing that is always in my fridge is products from Disaster Bay Chillis.

    I grew up here, so it feels good to support the local community, and I really like their stuff.

    My faves are their Kasoundi and their Chilli Wine Jelly.
    Both are favourited over soft-poached eggs *drooOoOol*.

    If you click on the links, you will see they are available locally in most places, or you can order online, like I prefer to do.

    Now, I must get back to my *job*, as I was rudely reminded of last night, as my son pointed out bits of WOODCHIP ( from the park, from a woodchip fight with friends, friends of 3yrs of age - not MY friends, not MY woodchips ). I also had to wash the couch cover today ( not MY spaghetti sauce spill over the arm ), and pick up breeding golf magazines ( Not MY interest )

    Also, those damn cake sprinkles ( not MY decorating style )

    But yet, the MC's face last night was a mask of unconcealed disgust as he pointed out the "MESS" and "UGH'ed" and shook his head.

    Little brat.


    Fairlie said...

    Oh me too! I so prefer the witty repartee, the wine and something salty or bitey or tasty to tea and cakes.

    Those Harry & David goods look great. I love a good relish, especially with a mature cheese in a sandwich. Of course, cheese is banned for me at the moment. Ahhhhh...cheese...

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Time to put him to work, dusting, sweeping and the rest, he'll soon learn not to "notice" the mess!

    Claire Falkingham said...

    With you all the way with the savoury and vino.

    Re. mess - just pop on an apron(with heels if you like) and no one will noitce the mess - works for me!

    meggie said...

    The flashback! What a novelty.
    But I digress. I'm with you, with the savoury goods & nice glass of wine. I suppose you cant have the wine at present.
    I think the MC needs to help with the chores. It's those male chromosomes, they just expect that you will do it all!

    VictoriaE said...

    My son always sympathises with me that I have too much housework to do!

    h&b said...

    Heh - my son, well, I prefer this actually - he's not so much critising me as saying he hates mess ( as I do ).

    And I always vaccie, in an apron and heels, G&T in hand, toppling around drunk, doncha know ? ;)

    Actually, my husband would probably love that ..

    plum said...

    and you're doing it again ... hehehehe

    muser said...

    savoury and champagne for this gal.

    Melody said...

    Oww I love a good nibbling of finger food with wine. Cheeses, dips, anything like that, with those little toasts or lavish bread. Yum yum.

    And mess? I too don't like it but I reckon Monet could live in it. Typical, as she is the one who makes it.

    Joke said...

    Harry & David is officially "okay" and not shameful.

    You may exhale.


    Damselfly said...

    Gosh, I'm so backward I don't even know what those things are, and *I live here*! Nice souvenirs.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Cheeky little FB. My kids apologise if they spill something on the floor because I am so fierce for the 2 days after I've mopped. On Day 3 I stop caring but clearly the force of my clean-floor-grumps remains embedded in their little psyches.

    bec said...

    Great tip on Disaster Bay - have you tried the wine/liqueur? Sounds amazing.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Looks like savouries win ! and I agree - although a nice piece of chocolate never goes astray either. I have one young son who notices the mess and one who doesn't - which kind of reflects the differing attitudes to "mess" of each of their parents. And a little girl who makes more mess than any of us..

    shellyC said...

    Oh me too - wine and olives!!! far better than tea and cake!! i am a savoury gal too and NEVER leave space for dessert when at fancy restaurants. I will have enjoyed an amazing entree instead!!!

    PS. Everything sounded SO good until you mentioned 'soft poached eggs' ...UGH!!

    joanne said...

    maybe my brat had been channelling your brat and they went on an intense attitude training course.

    Gina said...

    Oh H&D -- highly regarded indeed. Extremely high on the yum scale. Have you been to a H&D shop? H&D gift baskets and you're done.

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