Sunday, August 12, 2007

    The other reason

    i'm so far behind on reading the blogs I love to catch up on:

    my time is now monitored.
    If you're as stupid as me, you too can amuse a 3yr old
    with a free demo

    You get to run a Zoo, feed animals, build enclosures,
    sweep up poo and stuff like that.

    Or you can just let a bunch of tigers run wild, with no food and attack the visitors, like my son likes to do.
    Oh, and don't forget to drown the gazelles, that's funny too.

    Good times.

    ( Oh, and that's my plane collage on the wall. Good, innit ? ;)


    Aunty Evil said...

    I'm very disturbed with how neat your desk is!

    I know mine is here...somewhere. It must be, otherwise I would be on the floor.

    tracey petersen said...

    It's a short jump from zoo poo to world of warcraft... Be careful, you are creating a monster!
    I had to buy a second computer to get MY time.

    Anonymous said...

    I too have to share the computer with the half-pints but I'm not all that generous with it. Can't wait to upgrade and reclaim my 'putie.

    That does sound pretty hilarious letting the tigers kill the visitors, no wonder he does that.

    love Stomper via my friend's computer....

    Gina said...

    Mean mama emerges around here when little hands touch the compy. I'm thinking I need to relax a bit.

    meggie said...

    SG is quite eager to get his hands on here, but I am a mean Nanna!
    He has remodelled his mother's old non working computer, years ago.

    crafty said...

    Don't let him go near the lego website. You'll never be allowed to blog again. The computer is in hot demand at our house.

    Fairlie said...

    Wait till he hits 'Mathletics' age - it's hard to argue with a child who says, "But I NEED to log on, the teacher has set Mathletics for homework." Damn Mathletics. What was wrong with the good old Dataman?

    Jenny said...

    Thanks for the laugh. Can you get the Tigers to eat the Gazelles? Now that would be entertaining.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    We have a saying around our house "Don't touch dem keys".

    Janet said...

    yes, I'm a bit amazed at how neat your desk is too. Smooth and polished, classy;) Unlike our den of... stuff.

    I would say, get a cheap kids computer, but I've noticed that Grace automatically comandeers the best one, ie mine. Hmph. Leading to power struggles. I can only imagine it's going to get worse.

    caramaena said...

    Oh that sounds cool, I must have a look. I'm sure Chickie would love to drown some gazelles too!

    nutmeg said...

    You and Fairlie (with her Mathletics!) have me very worried. I try not to let the girls think there is anything "good" on the computer - my computer upstairs that is. They think the computer downstairs in dad's office is so much better because it has Thomas and Dora games inside. Mine has nothing like that wink wink ;-)

    And I LOVED your tartan pants. I remember a shot of me with my ginger hair holding a ginger cat with some overalls on - I'll have to have a search!

    h&b said...

    Jenny - yes, the Tigers eat the gazelles. Again, this is hilarious. I worry about this kid.

    janet - yeah, we had a dodgy computer, but dodgy it was ( until it recently died ), and this one was always favoured. Kids aint stoopid.

    nutmeg - you are so smart, I admire you. Why must I 'share' cute finds with my mini-Hitler, oh why, why, WHY ?!?!?

    ( P.S. - no freaking Dora and Thomas - they already own my TV )

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