Monday, May 28, 2007

    Tickle my Fancy

    It's nod a too-mah.

    Blood nose has stopped, brain appears intact and functioning.
    I've been feeding the brain Nigel Slater's "Toast", and it's never been happier.

    It's such a good read, I could have finished it easily in one sitting, but i've been making myself savour the courses, rather than devouring it like a tub of KFC.

    So anyway.

    I took this pic of my son yesterday morning. He's making characters on the computer by clicking on the facial features to change them.
    If he giggled uncontrollably, it was always because he'd made an asian-looking guy with long white-blonde hair and blue eyeshadow.


    Then we went to Grandma's house and he threw up on her couch and carpet.
    And again in the car on the way home.
    This is a kid that never throws up.
    He hasn't eaten anything since, although we're keeping fluids up.
    Poor thing.

    Besides this, he seems fine, and says his tummy is no longer 'sick', but is refusing to eat, not even jellysnakes or icecream...

    Today, when I was out front pulling some weeds, he went and got the mail.
    He garbled something to me about putting it 'on mummy and daddy's bed', with some sort of long-winded logic and explanation as to why.
    To be honest, I wasn't listening and said something like 'yep, put it on the bed, good boy !', while probably thinking "huh ? - um, whatever"

    Because i'm NOT up for Mother-of-the-Year ... ( this year, anyway ;)

    So when I came in, and I found a junk mailer for BEDS on my bed, I got it.
    And it made me laugh. Funny kid.


    Stomper Girl said...

    He's a clever boy for sure.
    Obviously has his mother's warped sense of humour too.

    Hope the gastro bug has passed and that you don't get it...

    My float said...

    Heh, heh...

    Poor little thing. Mine had a severe ear infection last week that was so bad he slept from 10am to 3pm. I found him in my bed just staring and nearly jumped out of my skin. Hate it when kiddies are sick. Glad your little one is better. Glad too that he didn't hurl over your bed!!

    velcro said...

    oh poor wee guy, I hope he's feeling better, and that you or hubby don't catch it.

    Tracey Petersen said...

    Boo to the vomit in the car, nothing worse than in an enclosed space. Hope that he recovers quickly.

    meggie said...

    SG had that bug last week. Spent the whole day sleeping after he had emptied the contents of his tum. Next day he was as good as gold.
    Hope Master B is the same. He is getting a good start on the computer!

    caramaena said...

    Hope he's feeling better, and that the car doesn't pong too much.

    What's the program he's using on the computer? It sounds like fun :)

    Love the bed catalogue on the bed (very pretty quilt too).

    Em said...

    What a sweetie. I hope he's feeling better now...

    h&b said...

    cara - I didn't want to say what the programme was .. as I was embarrassed ...

    It's on the BB website, and it's a "Create a New Housemate" programme. It is quite fun too .. especially as you can name them and give them personality traits.

    { blushes with shame }

    muser said...

    I got a laugh from this post. Amazing how logical these little 3 year olds are.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Glad to hear it's not a too-mah.

    Susan said...

    I really enjoyed "Toast" too. Hope your little fellow staying well, I like his sense of humour!

    caramaena said...

    lol - must have a look. I'm sure Chickie would have fun with a program like that.

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