Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    Guttering Guy

    ( Part 700 in an ongoing series on Tradesmen )

    So, about a week or so ago I got some guttering quotes.

    Bloke 1 came out, assessed the work, discussed the work, quoted me 2 ways, as requested ( we want it all replaced at once, despite the fact the guttering on the extension is 'ok' 'at the moment' ).
    Basically, we don't want to remember when we had 'bitsa' piecework done.
    One date, all together, no problems.

    Plus, it worked out more expensive per hour to do the lesser job, so it made fiscal sense, in the long run. Nice bloke.

    Bloke 2 came out and was nice enough also. He didn't really listen to me though, so didn't provide the 2 quotes, so effectively we're missing out on the quote we want most.

    He's peeved as he didn't measure the extention, and is also peeved
    'the other bloke' didn't tell us it didn't need to be done.
    "He did", I said, "but I told him my husband was not interested in getting on the roof and sanding and repainting and fixing the 'ok' guttering, which is still 20yrs old".
    I omit telling him I *tried* to tell him the same thing.

    So since then he's called me every day at 8.00am ( isn't that a bit early to be calling a private residence ? ). He calls to see if I got the quote, if I got his previous phonecall, if I faxed the dimensions ( he wants ME to 'run a measuring tape around the outside of the extension. )

    He calls, and calls, and calls ( but he doesn't want to annoy me, oh no )

    So I don't want his revised quote now.
    AB is home today, and as we were having a lie-in with the papers, my phone could be heard ringing insistently. It was 8am. "It will be guttering guy, ignore it, I say. Told you he calls me every day !"

    But of course then, my son ran in with the now non-ringing phone and insisted we both get up and do stuff etc, etc.
    Guttering Guy ruined our lie-in.

    I guess he thinks the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    Maybe in the olden days buddy .. but I live in a throwaway society.
    I'm gitting me a brand new wheel.
    One that doesn't squeak.
    Or annoy me.


    Shannon said...

    jeez dont get on your bad side!!

    I need you at my house between 5.30 - 8pm when I get every cold caller from india ringing us.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Talk about not being able to take a hint. And yes, 8am is way too early to call the house. Maybe you could record an answering machine message:

    Hi. You've reached the house of H&B. We're unable to take any calls concerning our guttering because it is still too early in the morning. But please, do leave me your mobile number and I'll get back to you. Most likely in the middle of the night.

    h&b said...

    Shannon: silent number.
    Insist on a NEW number that's never been owned before, or a number that has ALWAYS been a silent number.

    I don't get telemarketers..

    And Stomper, I am SO recording that message ;)

    Gina said...

    Ridiculous! Must be hurting for business. Not a good sign. I hope the little guy is better today :(

    nutmeg said...

    Wouldn't it have taken him more time to call you a gazillion times at 8am then come over and measure the damn perimetre himself? I know guttering isn't rocket science but geez..... ;-)

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    8am is WAY too early - if he does it again pretend to be someone else, like donald duck or tony blair.

    VictoriaE said...

    You should get an AVO out on him.
    I'll keep you in the loop on major H&A happenings - watching it right now! You so should post some old school interior decorating splendor.

    meggie said...

    One of our stories- "I will be there at 7.30, is that too early?"
    Lying, "OH no, haha, that will be ok"
    Scramble around getting up early showering etc. Getting the GOM up & moving.
    Still waiting at 8.30am...grrrrr

    crafty said...

    I once had a car salesman ring me -everyday- but he wasn't hassling, oh no. I eventually told him we weren't buying said car because he was hassling the shit out of me. I have also been known to use the F word at people who arrive at my door and insist I go hunting for an old bill, 40 Deg heat, just arrived home, kids in car, 41 weeks pregnant, you fill in the blanks...and there were more than one (blanks I mean, or should that be beeps?)

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