Sunday, April 01, 2007

    April Fool ?

    The freezer part of my fridge died today. Just out of warranty.

    It makes annoying beep-beeps about every hour or so, to let me know it's dying, and for some inexplicable reason, the beeps scare my son.

    The beeps also don't stop unless you physically go to the fridge and press a button. It's going to be a long night.

    The fridge part of it died 2yrs ago.
    Under warranty, but I think it was also around Easter time, and the part had to come from South Australia via Korea or somesuch.
    No-one at Westinghouse seemed to give a rats, and they only reimburse for FREEZER goods, and that's only with a stat dec, several witnesses, and a police report. In triplicate.

    I'd just gotten home with a full weeks fresh greens, cream and milk etc ...

    I miss my old Fisher & Paykel.

    In other news, my new ( and much loved ) lawnmower seems to have a battery charging problem, so that's in the shop.
    Unfortunately, Enviromower was bought out by Victa, and the good people at Victa don't really know much about them. I need it back in 2weeks time, so I can mow the lawn for a b'day party.

    And don't forget Easter .. when no-one does anything as they're on a riverbed, BBQ'ing, fishing, and drinking beer. NOT fixing lawnmowers and freezers.

    MEANWHILE, my clunky old washing machine, which I am willing to die so I can get a front-loader .. just keeps clunking on. It's just the new stuff that dies. Is it just us ?

    Oh - and not lets forget the current argy-bargy with the new fence. We complained about twisting of palings, and nails coming aways from posts, and general doginess, and Mr Yassou! told us it had nothing to do with him, not his problem.
    He came out ( after much lying, and missed appts, non-returned phone calls ), huffed and puffed his way through a couple of band-aid replacement palings, then got all huffy and said he was done. Finished.

    His intimidating body language and tone made me glad my husband was home that day.

    So we still weren't happy, but washed our hands of it.
    But this week, our good pensioner neighbours complained too, and A. took a look from their side of the fence, and yeah, we'll have to get him back. *Sigh*


    My new fireplace .. the one we haven't been able to use yet due to needing to be re-wired ?
    The fan doesn't work. You may remember we had some problems with Agnews ( seriously, we are easy to get along with people ! ), but this is a Jetmaster problem, and Jetmaster are only too happy to pop over tomorrow at 9am ( *groan*, but at least they're pro-active and willing to help, rather than saying things like "you lean on fireplace ! Fireplace does not work - you lean on it ! Your fault" )

    ... apparently our elderly pensioner neighbours MUST have been swinging on their fence, according to Yassou! the fenceman. Yeah. right.


    The good news is, the electricians will be finished this week ! ( any co-incidence between them and the death of the freezer, do you think ? .. switching things off, then on, then off again ? ).

    And they've been lovely.
    In fact, i'm going to ask the guy tomorrow if he reckons he can fix my fridge ?

    Worth a shot at any rate ...


    Violet & Rose said...

    Um... good luck .... I think ....

    I'd offer you my husband, but he is building us a new front and round the side bit fence (we live on a corner which is a bugger for fencing) and he ain't going nowehere until he's got it done!

    meggie said...

    Why do all the modern appliances just not last! My daughter's new washingmachine died just out of warranty, only aged 5. There is something seriously wrong.
    As to picturing the old couple next door swinging on the fence....heehee

    Tracey Petersen said...

    We live in a throw away society and manufacturers make appliances for it!

    Fairlie said...

    All appliances...especially fridges and freezers...are designed to go kaput about a week after the warranty has run out. I'm sure there's an entire R&D division at each manufacturer working entirely on creating time-specific problems!

    stompergirl said...

    Blimey. What a week. Your fence-man sounds like my landlord. Told us the reason the hot water system died was because we used it too much. There's not much you can say to that.

    Surfing Free said...

    Household appliances and the people who sell them and fix them are things truely sent to try us! Our dryer has just decided that there is no need for it to turn itself off any more .... it just keeps churning away, blowing hot air on already bone dry clothes unless we set our oven timer and run downstairs and across the lawn to switch it off. And it's just out of warranty too.
    We need to have words with our new neighbour about a fence that is leaning dangerously into our garden as well.
    I don't know how we all cope withou full-time housekeepers to sort this boring and complicated stuff out!!

    muser said...

    That's an electrical (+ fencing) nightmare of epic proportions.
    The on-again-off-again power is what killed our previous television. SO I think it's entirely plausible the work has killed the freezer. And I know what you mean about filing in triplicate to get some compensation. We didn't end up bothering to pursue it with the power company. Good luck with Mr Yassou. :)

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