Wednesday, July 26, 2006

    So Suburban !

    Sick of my backyard yet ?

    Ordered my first ever lawnmower today - an Enviromower, like my Grandma owns - no petrol, no electricity, easy and light to use: peace of mind. According to their website, even Her Maj ordered one to spin around the Palace gardens - way to go, Lizzie !

    We've never owned enough lawn to warrant a mower before.
    It's being delivered tomorrow.


    Symone said...

    How cool is that? Nice colour too - very important when choosing a mower..It looks very enviro...I think this will be fantastic for your ( and AB's) cardio health and not that you need it - your butt...I know I find mowing with our petrol guzzling monster a great work out for the rear, I imagine yours will be lighter to push? (your mower that is)

    h&b said...

    I'm getting the 'new model', it's in Green & Gold :(

    I actually complained - she must have thought I was a loon not wanting the one with "more power for the same price / new improved etc".

    Unfortunately, when I think "Green & Gold", I get a mental image of John Howard power-walking :(

    CelloBella said...

    Meanwhile on the other side of the country an old petrol mower rusts quietly behind a house...

    Angry Dad said...

    Ok, so I don't get it, is it simply a push mower if there's no electricity and no petrol?! How does it work??!!!

    Heather said...

    Nice lawn mower!!

    About the Australian toaster buiscuits, yea there is a little Koala bear on them and everything, they've been around here for years. They are just like soft english muffins (ha!! the English probably have no idea what those are!!) They are tasty anyway.

    Dave said...

    Hi here from Michele's, nice idea that lawnmower, I wonder if it will be expensive to charge up?

    Shane said...

    it looks like it won't work. lol
    you'll have to let us all know if it was worth it.

    h&b said...

    Hi Shane & Angry Dad:
    The mower is battery-operated, similar to the battery in your car.

    Charge her up and go-go-go !
    Works a treat - light, fleet, and easy/safe to use.

    I'm very happy with it ! :)

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