Friday, July 28, 2006

    Things Happen So Fast Around Here ..

    Our plans this weekend: rid ourselves of Ivy, some other small tidy-up stuff, and mow lawn.

    So we get an hour into our yard-cleaning this morning and realise our handsaw is not going to cut the mustard. AB gets on the phone to a guy he knows. Said guy is here within the hour with an offsider, 3 chainsaws and a mobile mulcher.

    He cuts down TEN trees ( and we've still got plenty ). Most of the trees he labels as "weeds", which doesn't surprise us.
    "Do you like this ?" he asks of one tree ( tree 11 actually, I forgot that one ! ).
    "No" I reply. "It's ugly, what is it ?".

    "Junk", he replies and rips into it. Ok.

    We also discover the ivy was disguising a fence about to fall down. Chainsaw man recommends not being cheap, and fixing it before we think about planting new stuff. He reckons $2.5k to a rip out and re-install. *Sigh* Hopefully we have nice neighbours.

    So now A's enthusing about re-doing the backyard for Xmas - ie: building the decking, getting a bobcat in to dig out the crap and re-level and put down new turf. The works.

    It's sort of funny, I guess. I wonder what other 'new' project we can conceive and then subsequently dump as another one arises ? Which will be finished first ?

    As the weather warms, that front fireplace is looking less and less interesting ;)


    MissBossyPants said...

    We practically have a forest in our backyard here in Alabama. Four trees fell the year before last during Hurricane Ivan, and we didn't even notice for a couple of months LOL

    Thanks for visiting my blog. We are always knee-deep in household and landscaping projects here, too, and are all too eager to dump them in favor of other projects.

    Carmi said...

    This is what I love about home ownership: every time you turn around, there's another ever-growing project just begging to leap to #1 on the priority list.

    And the cost? We don't even want to know. It'll be big. And when we look at it again, it'll be even bigger.

    But at least the place is ours, right?

    My float said...

    It's funny how that fence looks so incredibly romantic, with all the ivy flowing over it, and in reality it's rotten!

    Am very envious of your beautiful backyard! We're still trapped in a flat up here in crazy town (Sydney) with exorbitant house prices! Enjoy it for me!

    h&b said...

    Carmi: yes, I do enjoy being a home owner .. putting the work in ... reaping the rewards. I am a very lucky girl indeed.

    MyFloat: Sydney homeprices scare me so much !! This is our first backyard .. we did the inner-city thing too .. backyards cost an extra $100k in my neck o' the woods - it's crazy !! :((

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