Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    Hello, I'm Out of Bathroom Fixtures ?

    Hi, hello, yes ?

    Hi, yeah, i'm trying to grow some really invasive ivy in my backyard. I'm hoping it will strangle all my other plants. Any ideas how to nurture and help it along ? What's that ? Trail it over the innerspring of a bed ? Good Idea ! Thanks !

    I guess he ran out of bathroom fixtures to grow and trail things over.

    Yes, this was my surprise find of the day, as I tried to clip some of the ivy back ( i'm thinking kero and a match might be a good idea ). Seeing the innerspring is the size of a cot, and the previous owners were childless, i'm hoping I don't find a baby grave hidden under the compost heap. Great.

    THANK GOD we are hiring a skip this weekend. I trimmed and cut and culled today, and all it resulted in was the realisation there was a lot more cutting and culling and trimming to be done .. still, the discoveries are fun, and I made a huge bonfire-sized pile of clippings, which was satisfying.

    I also think I unearthed the original long-drop .. out by the clothesline, and in a 'traditional' outdoor toiley kind-of spot. What I found was a slab of concrete, and when I hit it with my trowel, it sounded deep and hollow, like a well. Will have to get some advice on that I guess ? Why didn't they fill it before covering it ?
    Maybe it's a baby tomb ?

    Looking forward to this weekend...

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    Karen said...

    Ew, ew, ew! This is precisely why I never do any gardening. I just don't want to find any icky things!

    Michele sent me today. Hope you're having a great day!

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