Monday, July 24, 2006

    'Shausting Sunday

    Probably nothing compared to busy-busy people, one of whom I admit I am not.

    I'm not the walkin' talkin' on my mobile checking my reflection in the shop window kinda mummy. .. but then, i'm not the no-bra bum-crack trackydacks mummy either.
    But I do keep the attention-span of the 2yr old in mind when out running errands/shopping etc.
    ( after all, i'm not known for my patience either, and I hate to wait .. )

    Keeping Master B fresh and happy during his 2nd stint at the photographers was just something I didn't want to repeat, and he's a good boy ... he's just too old to be 100% obedient/compliant .... and too young to be bribed ...

    So I made another appt at the photographers. Strangely, the photographer seemed a bit insulted/snippy with the re-shoot, whereas the makeup girl was really friendly and non-fussed about me basically bagging her skills. So I did my own makeup, and I got makeup girl to put my hair up in a french roll, exactly how I asked for it to be done Friday when she attempted a beehive. Lucky this time, it all worked. Considering nothing in my instructions had changed, it was rather odd how different I looked to the other day.

    Even the 'proof-viewing guy' said to me semi-quietly: "You do look a lot better than the other day ..." It was true, as we flicked back to one of me from the other day, and no, I hadn't imagined or exaggerated the Elvira claims ... there was an audible gasp from the punters.
    Shocking, really.

    So after that, we headed out for a relaxing afternoon at D & S's. We stopped by the ABC Shop for a belated b'day present for N, and head off.
    Good day with yummy homemade sausage rolls and sammidges. Met D&D's new baby, who was a real live doll - bright, alert and happy .. all good stuff.

    Finally, i've been meaning to photog' and post this pic for a while ... it's the instruction sheet that came with N's b'day present to C. back in April. It's a Matchbox "Shark Rescue" toy that is great imaginative fun .. but this cracks me up. ...

    That's right, Figure B: See Shark. See Shark Bite.
    See Shark chomp Man to Pieces. Goodbye Man !

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    Angry Dad said...

    You're better than me doing the photographer's thing. Our last attempt was a disaster because none of the kids would sit still.

    Love the shark pic. We have a ton of the Matchbox stuff, and I haven't quite come across that one yet!

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