Saturday, July 22, 2006

    Adventures in Gardening

    Sunshine hits Melbourne !

    Made up for a lack of Playgroup on Thursday by hitting the yard ( weeding is fun, right ? ). It's all so horribly overgrown, but it's been too cold to do anything about it.

    Some pics of our day:

    1. The *huge* worm we found when cleaning all the rotting leaves out of the old claw-foot bathtub. I've never seen a goddamn worm so freaking huge .. it was as big as a snake, I kid you not ( a very little snake, but a snake, nonetheless.. ). Anyway, I plopped him into the garden to find himself a new home. C. was fascinated, which was interesting to watch. I thought he might be scared, or try to squash it or something, but he just squatted and watched it wriggle under the leaves and away. Pretty cool.

    2. Moved around the side of the house, where the leaves are thick. They've been bugging me everytime I look out the door of "Grandma L's room". The other thing that's been bugging me is an ugly pot the previous owners had left behind. I thought i'd clean it up, repaint it and put some impatiens in it or something. On closer inspection, I find it is not a pot at all .. but the original toilet bowl ( the colour matches the basin in the bathroom ). WTF ? They 'renovate' and then leave all the bits n pieces out in the yard as 'quirky' pots ? Weirdos

    3. Gaining momentum, I clip back a few of the uglier trees. There are too many trees, plants, weeds, bulbs etc, all competing and fighting each other .. and the nasty strangulation ivy and compost corner have to go too. I'm also thinking I might spray everything with RoundUp, and anything that lives can stay .. hmm.. tempting..

    4. Now we're in the 'washing line' corner. A choko vine ( even 3rd world countries reject the choko ) is entangled so badly in a tree, I can't tell which is what - a job for another day, and a stepladder. I start with a horrible 'fluffy' bush AB has hated since we got here. Fluffy plant has clusters of what appear to be peppercorns ?? .. but i've googled a peppercorn bush/tree tonight and it doesn't look like this. It also has thorns, great. Not only does this guy encourage weeds, but he makes sure they spike me too - nice.


    Carmi said...

    Sometimes, life can be overwhelming, choking off everything in its path. I admire your fortitude in tackling jobs that many of us would rather not do.

    I think I'll take on that sink drain that's been nagging me for weeks. Thanks for the motivation!

    Florence said...

    Hello, Michele sent me:)
    Nice to meet a Melbournian, I'm from Brisbane. Not much sun today, but unfortunately no rain either:(

    The toilet in the backyard's a bit of an old favourite, lol.

    And I know that prickly bush, it is weird. I think it might be a type of conifur.

    kenju said...

    I have seen some creative yard planters in my day, but the old toilet bowl takes the grand prize!!

    Michele sent me.

    The Flamingess said...

    Good luck with the jungle clearing project. WOnder what ther fixtures you'll find buried inthe thicket.

    Good worm! Glad you set hom free.
    Here from Michele.

    kenju said...

    P.S. Thanks for the return visit. Steal away......I didn't write them. LOL

    h&b said...

    Other fixtures:

    We're planning on hiring a mini-skip to deal with them all. There's a claw-foot bath i'll clean up and flog on Ebay ... assorted pipes - both metal and ceramic ( he's upturned some and used them as 'arty' planters for succulents and cacti )etc, etc ,etc.

    Shouldn't have any problems filling the skip :)

    RennyBA said...

    Michell sent me and I am so very glad as I love your nature and have been visiting your lovely country, but to long ago. I'll defenatly come back to read your blog more carefully!
    Hello from Norway and have a great end to your week:-)

    Star said...

    Gardening(if you can call what I do gardening) is one of those jobs I hate to do, but am so proud of myself when it's done.

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