Sunday, March 25, 2007

    Y'all Ready for This ?

    ( Header ref: I love this piece of music - it makes me want to go all Kirsten Dundst and SpiritFingers )

    Nothing like being urged into action.

    I think AB bought the new computer home from work sometime before Xmas.
    I'm glad i'm finally getting it all sorted.

    So I learned to upload to YouTube ( very exciting !! )

    Some Notes:
    YouTube allows you 10mins of footage, and since many of you have commented on not being familiar with the Deal, I decided to give you the whole last 10mins of the show ( I step in at around halfway through ).
    There's also a group shot in those first 5mins.

    I'm the dwarf in the front row, position No 1.
    You can barely see me over my little podium thingy.

    Lucky there was no height requirements to get on, is all i'm saying.

    I still get excited to see this.
    The girl who got to Deal was such a sweet, fun sort, and i'm so glad she got to win some money. It was a great day out.

    Enjoy !


    h&b said...

    And not only this Stomper, but I just finished mowing the yard.

    I don't know what's wrong with me.
    The house is a mess though, natch ;)

    Janet said...

    That was ace, h&b you're so cute on TV (and surely in real life), excellent housework procrastination material. Love that song too, if only I could get away with loud dance music without waking the child or pissing off the bloke... But I haven't spent all day on the computer, some gardening took place earlier.

    You TV star, you :)

    Stomper Girl said...

    Woo! Was the chick a bit devastated or happy with her winnings?

    You look lovely on camera.

    So, if you correctly guess your case you win something, don't you? Are you splitting it with your girlfriend?

    I suppose I should do my dishes now in an effort to keep up with you. Or I could post...

    nutmeg said...

    Thanks for sharing H&B that was a blast to watch!

    Em said...

    So cool!

    h&b said...

    Thanks Janet .. actually i'm a bit annoying in Real Life, but I can put on an act for short bursts of time ;)

    Stomper - the chick was stoked at time of winning. No doubt greed would have kicked in later. But yeah, they were too happy/deserving chicks..

    Tracey Petersen said...

    very, very cool! You looked stunning over the top of your large case!
    PS Abba Arrival was the the record that I ever owned. I had Christmas day photos taken with it because I was SO excited.

    Wes said...

    That beat was Technotronic...

    That was so cool, and I bet you were happy getting the $500 as well! I thought Chloe was going to go on, but she definitely made the right choice. The money they got was worth it. Congratulations!

    Pendullum said...

    Oh I would have hugged you for sure!!!!
    Thanks for a taste of the deal show!!!

    meggie said...

    Good for you! You look great- can see why your Gorgeous son is so gorgeous!

    Surfing Free said...

    Haha! You must tell us what it's like to be on a game show! You looked fantastic and everyone seemed to be having fun ... was there something sinister lurking behind the scenes? ;)

    Fairlie said...

    Thanks for posting that h&b. You looked great! And well done on guessing the case correctly.

    Muzbot said...

    You look great. Glad you worked out YouTube and managed to share it with us. So what's next? Can we look forward to a stint on Neighbors, then singing career, then duet with Nick Cave? ;)

    shopper said...

    You seemed like a natural in front of the camera. Very smooth! You have the best hair too! Very perky! ;)

    Thanks for sharing. It was interesting to watch....quite different from our version. (I think I like it better!)

    verniciousknids said...

    The spiritfingers were obviously working for you!

    caramaena said...

    Thanks for posting it - I missed it. Love your hair :)

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