Saturday, March 24, 2007

    Meanwhile ..

    The blogging world as I know it has been rather quiet.
    I however, cannot shut up. I've gone manic.

    We've had a new computer shoved in a wardrobe for some months now.
    Transferring, saving and printing pictures, saving to disc et al .... always too exhausting.
    Hopefully the old, rather full, computer won't die in the meantime, taking everything with it.

    Because that's how we live. Without backup or safety nets. Hoopla !

    because I paid a hefty $30.00 ( what a rip-off ! ) to get my DEAL video converted to DVD, I wanted to play with YouTube for the first ever time. Ye olde computer from the dark ages does not read DVD.
    New computer ( if I can be bothered ) does.


    Resulting day of digging through garage for discs and programmes I love and/or need.
    I re-hooked up to the old in the end, will re-try tomorrow.

    But I found some cool stuff in boxes:

    I wore these two outfits as a youngster.

    I may have photos somewhere. I can certainly recall the exact compositions.
    I spent a good part of my childhood poring over family photos, and I have a memory that is image-rich. Unfortunately, due to family disfunctiona, the actual albums have been retained by a member of the family who I never even saw ever looking at them.

    But that's another story.

    The first outfit was so adorable, and is so well finished, but has no label. I know my mum used to buy clothes from the OpShop and refashion the material into wearable items, but I just think this is beyond her ? I will have to ask.

    The Second, a sailor suit, is made by "Little Queen of Sydney".
    What a riot.

    I'm glad I got to make off with these items. History is a luxury.

    Working on a theme, an early 45" single. Abba, natch.

    And finally a "Barbie" Little Golden Book I bought for someone who was entering their first career not unlike Barbie's. The plan was to change the words and reinvent the story as an utterly outrageous, personally detailed gift.

    But I didn't.



    Lazy cow said...

    Love that sailor suit outfit. Had something similar when I was little. Also had that Dancing Queen single (it's under the house with all my other records, I think). Make sure you backup your computer missy! I lost 6 MONTHS worth of kids' photos last year when our old computer died.

    meggie said...

    Scary talk about computers failing...
    I loved your little outfits, nice you have saved them.
    What is it, that the blog world seems a little quiet??
    I seem to have blog-lock, haha.
    At least it is cooler, & raining here today, Yay!

    Janet said...

    ooh, I have that barbie book! Great outfits too, especially the sailor girl, most stylish.

    I am also slack about backup and am often chided about it. But I should heed the words of LC (and so should you, though I hate to say should).

    And I for one am enjoying your prolificness (word, huh?) h&b, it does seem a bit quiet, maybe people are doing autumn cleaning or something, which is what I'm supposed to be doing instead of reading blogs... hehe

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Lovely outfits, my mum made dozens when I first started school but ... kept not a one. Some, I suppose, went to the little sister, the rest? Well, at least I have the pictures, off to look through them now.

    Fairlie said...

    I love going through boxes of stuff! I think I've even got a few ABBA records stashed away somewhere myself.
    Love your blog...I've been reading/lurking for a couple of months while I discovered how this blogging-thang works, and got my own (basic one)up and running.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Oh God, has H&B done another post? What is it this time...oh, is this thing on? Ahem.

    Those little outfits are so sweet, especially the sailor girl.

    Good luck with the new computer and the youtube stuff. I'm in the process of upgrading my dinosaur too but am dreading the whole bollocky transfer process. I swear. I need servants to remove this sort of work from my life.

    Violet & Rose said...

    Had exactly that 45" single and I really wanted one of those hats. How sad was that!

    Wes said...

    So when are you going to tell us about all the pantomines you were in in that Sailor Suit. New York, New York! And yes, the Abba single did suit the occaision.

    VictoriaE said...

    Awesome stuff.
    That's sad about the photos.

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