Thursday, January 04, 2007


    Made out like a bandit yesterday.

    Looked after a friend's *darling* child, so effectively got in a playdate for my own son.
    They played all day, shuffling between rooms and inside and out, and passive and active. Very funny to watch, and absolutely no effort on my behalf, except to keep the food coming.

    We also watched the Mike Myers' film "Cat in the Hat".

    I have no idea why that movie was a box office stinker - I thought it was fabulous !! The boys loved it too.

    It prompted me to get out the old original, and I must say, I think for once the movie excelled all over the book ( Cat in the Hat was never my most fave Dr. Seuss .. I was a One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish girl.... )

    So for all this non-work and enjoyment, I was rewarded with the most bestest of gifties - some beautiful flowers, a bottle of mine fave wine, and even some cool Weiss bars for dessert ( tis hot, hot, hot again in old Melbourne town .. )

    So ... if this is a common reward, and you've got a lovely toilet-trained child you want to offload for the day ... please don't hesitate to get details of my gift registry.

    You're welcome.


    Melody said...

    How lovely! Gotta love a little gift like that too.

    We love Dr. Suess around here too. 'The Foot Book' is a favourite...

    Hoping to toilet train Monet in the weeks to come so maybe I'll drop her off sometime? *grin*

    meggie said...

    Lucky you! Lovely flowers.

    Did you make those little savouries to feed the hugry lads?

    SG wont eat anything with egg, tomato, corn, or green things. He is a real problem to feed at present!

    h&b said...

    babysit a tt'd child !!
    Really .. it's done wonders to the Master's resolve today, so impressed he was with the tt'd boy yesterday !! Wants to be just like him. Brilliant.

    Yup. Mini-pizzas made with puff pastry and chopped up stuff. Leftovers fed the husband for dinner. Too easy ! :)

    Stomper Girl said...

    I've had quite a few kids over for playdates and NEVER scored like you did. On the upside, its a pretty easy gig if the visiting child is not a ratbag. As you say they just keep each other happy. And it can mean the chance to offload my ownn offspring at another time.

    My float said...

    So if I put him on a plane, would it be ok if you picked him up from the airport? :)

    caramaena said...

    Lovely flowers :)

    Violet & Rose said...

    I'd like to make a booking for two girls, aged 6 and 3. Both very toilet trained. Be careful with the three year old, she has a mean swing with the My Little Pony, but apart from that, I'll see you at ...hmmm ... how does 6pm sound?

    velcro said...

    can I book a space for one 3year old boy, fully toilet trained and angelicly behaved in the company of anyone except his mother?

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    Well done you!

    I've often found that adding a child or children to the mix of your own kids makes life easier rather than harder - but there are no guarantees (see Badger's recent post on sending naughty visitor children home!)

    I will finally answer you on the Rotary exchange thing, truly! The Simon name sounded familiar and I was looking for photos but cannot find them anywhere... However, I am pretty sure the two Simons I knew came from Wangaratta and New Zealand.

    Kirsty said...

    I have 4 I can send over How Does that sound??? You would still get only one bunch of flowers though! LOL

    Shannon said...

    why is it the kid I always get lumped with is the one who poos like a man after every sleep, cries until she gets whatever lola is playing with, wont eat and then gives me dirty looks most of the day? huh?

    And she leaves giftless. Im going to have to bring in some new rules this year, or act busy...

    VictoriaE said...

    I usually find two kids is easier that one. But you really scored getting flowers for it.

    h&b said...

    I think most of you missed the point that I now have a GIFT REGISTRY for this kind of thing now.

    I was spoiled the first time, and now I expect gifts in advance ... and after the event too ;)

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