Monday, January 01, 2007

    Happy New Year !

    It didn't rain !

    It was a lovely night, and this is the actual boat we got to nosh on.
    Nice, huh ?


    In other news, this is kind-of a test post.

    Just upgraded to the new version of Blogger, and although it said it *saved* my old template, I can't bloody find where.

    Smartly, I saved a copy of my own HTML before moving across.
    Sadly, Blogger now claims it is too badly scripted to be re-used.

    So it looks like i'll have to re-do everything the slow & painsaking way, and i'll have to put up with "ugly" for a little while.


    I should have fiddled with my 'test' blog first, like I normally do
    The 'labels' feature is cool though.

    Happy New Year !


    Melody said...

    Happy New Year to you too! (The boat did look pretty flash! Nice) You obviously woke up okay, like myself. Yippee...

    I like the labels thing on my blogs too, especially on my recipe one. I used it to look up my recipes which is pretty handy.

    I need to design a banner but I'm unsure how to go about doing one. Any hints?

    caramaena said...

    I'm so glad it didn't rain! Hope you had a wonderful time. All the best for 2007 :)

    Shame about the move over to the new blogger. I'm thinking I might stay with the old for now. Even though I've heard they'd worked out the bugs, I keep hearing bits and pieces about people having problems.

    shellyC said...

    Happy New Year to you. Nice boat!!!! Glad it didn't rain for you.

    thinking over moving too. I like the idea of the labels. maybe i will wait a bit.

    verniciousknids said...

    Happy New Year!

    Janet said...

    Happy New Year! And yes indeedy that boat looks nice... and lovely balmy weather for it too..

    Despite the warning about the impending move to beta, I was momentarily taken aback. I quite like it already, but sounds like you have plans.... I twiddle new layouts endlessly. And categories, I love categories...

    Violet & Rose said...

    HNY. Swish boat. Have "fun" with blogger ...... Must say I'm not lovin' it at all.

    nutmeg said...

    Happy New Year H&B. I was thinking of you "out on the water". Glad the weather didn't impinge.

    My blog took ages to transfer but came back looking pretty much like it used to. Did things not transfer across properly for you?

    I do agree though, the tags feature is a bonus.

    meggie said...

    Happy New Year!

    I have changed to new Blogger,- but didnt take any chances on losing things, so didnt go for a new look.
    And I would really like one!

    Glad you had a swish night on that boat!

    Muzbot said...

    Happy New Year.

    I'm enjoying the new blogger, but yes, I had teething problems with it too. I'm not a huge fan of labels at the best of times, but I can see how they would come in handy.

    Blue Moon Girl said...

    Happy New Year! The boat looks quite lovely!

    To get your old template back go to your "Dashboard," click on Layout, click on Edit HTML, scroll down to the bottom of your screen and you should see a little deal that says Revert to Classic Template. I'm pretty sure that will make it so you can get your template back! I hope that helps!

    jorth said...

    Happy New Year! I can't believe you got to see the new year in on a boat. Tres snazzy!

    Kirsty said...

    Happy New year H&B
    Did you call that boat a Yacht in the last post??? Can't see no sails LOL!!! Looks very nice.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Well done on the transfer! I just tried helping my mother set up her blog (!) and I gave this really piss-weak tutorial because it was all New Blogger and different to the way I'm used to working. I suppose I should swap soon, when I can be bothered.

    Glad you had a good night on the boat!

    shopper said...

    Blogger....arrgggh! I thought I had escaped the worries of it, but now I'm having comment woes. Hang in there.

    WHat a great way to see in the New Year!

    h&b said...

    Melody: I can help with making a banner, but as for slotting it into your blog ( esp in the new format ) .. might be beyond me ;)

    Muz: yeah, i'm not so sure on labelling now. I only write about a few things anyway ... ;)

    BMG: YOU ROCK !! You got me back my old format !! I love you !!

    Kirsty .. yes, I was told it was a yacht ;) Can you believe though, this is the guy's 'second' boat, his 'fishing' boat ( no fish guts on deck, let me tell you !! ). It's his brand-new joy and only cost a lazy $2.2mill. As you do..

    carolyn said...

    Happy New Year!

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