Thursday, January 18, 2007

    Bloglines and Memes

    I've so far resisted the meme .. but I got tagged twice this week, so I figured I really should put out .. so to speak..

    But first, a word on Bloglines.

    After confessing to Stomper that I have everyone I like to read in my 'favourites' folder, and run through the list on a regular basis, seeing what's going down in the world o' blog .. she convinced me to give Bloglines a go.
    They tell you who is updated, so you don't have to run though ( an ever-increasing ) bloglist.
    I subscribe, thus deleting my 'favourites' along the way.

    But because I don't go straight to the blog-owners actual page, I have to double-click to comment and all this other junk. So i'm pouting.

    And I feel people used to update more before I subb'ed to Bloglines, so I distrust their feeds.
    That's me - the distrustful, pouting girl in the corner. Sulking.
    I'll get over it, best ignore me and continue partying on.

    Onto the memes.

    I was tagged this week by Damselfly and Aunty Cookie.
    Apparently, I must be holding back on the personals.
    I know this to be true, as like Aunty Cookie says "I am convinced I will be discovered as a fraud". Far out. Like this is my whole life's nightmare..

    If you don't let people too close, they won't discover what a sham you are.
    Good advice.

    On with the show:

    From Damselfly: 6 Weird Thing about Me:

    1. I live for Mondays. It's trash day.
    I love putting out the trash, and if the bin isn't chokkas, i'll get out in the garden and find things like half-bricks and sticks to bag up and chuck in there.
    Every Tuesday morning, I listen to the sound of the garbage truck, and pray this isn't the week he slaps a 'too heavy' sticker on my bin and refuses to take it.
    Every week it's accepted I regard a kind of personal victory in a war the council doesn't even know exists ...

    2. I have an obsession with tinned tuna and boiled rice.
    Or tuna-pasta salad .... Nori rolls.... Tinned tuna risotto ( pleb. food, but I love it ).
    Could live on it. Love it.

    3. I don't like going to the movies.
    I figure I can watch tele at home, so when I go out I like to do something nice, different.
    NOT watching tele, so-to-speak. And people that do that 'dinner and a movie' thing ? No.
    Dinner = yes .. but I like to linger, not scoff down something fast so I get indigestion in a movie theatre.
    And I like to eat the popcorn there, and I can't really do this after a big plate of pasta now, can I ?

    4. Don't touch my stuff. Seriously.

    5. I can't stand doing dishes, or immersing my hands in hot soapy water.
    And I can't do the gloves thing either. I hate sitting in baths for this reason too - I don't find them relaxing, I find them boring, time-wasting and my fingers turn into crinkle-cut chips.
    I love my dishwasher, and prefer a shower anyday.

    6. The sound of something scrubbing/brushing their teeth/filing their nails makes my tummy flip.
    Even the thought of it, or typing this, has made me goosebump up. I have to leave the room. Strangely, brushing my own teeth doesn't bother me ... I also have a belly-button phobia...

    And from Aunty Cookie: 5 Things about Myself I haven't already mentioned on my blog:

    1. I met my husband sitting in a bar pointing out other people and making fun of them.
    But not so they'd notice. And perhaps hurt me ..

    2. My toenails are always painted. My fingernails never are.

    3. My teeth suck.
    It is not unusual to have a part of one crumble off when I am eating. I have been quoted 'up to' $20,000 to have them fixed. I cried in the car after this estimation, and haven't been back.

    4. I like to watch "Home and Away".
    This could possibly go in the 'weird' column. The new format with 'quirky youth' re-vamped theme song is annoying me though. Sally is pretty, I love her hair, and we all knew she wouldn't die. I'm glad the try-hard with the glasses and his knocked-up-by-a-cult-member girlfriend/wife are gone. They annoyed me too.
    I am usually cooking dinner when Home & Away is on. I sing the theme song out loud.

    5. I am a terrible friend.
    Don't expect phone calls, gifts or cards. But other than that, i'm fine.
    Invite me over for wine and paté, but I don't do coffee & cake.

    I'm tagging 5 people today. They can do either or both of the meme's, or none.
    Because i'm kind like that.

    Go for it:
    My Float, Melody, Bec, Muppinstuff, Vernacious Knids


    nutmeg said...

    I'm the same with the toenail thing. Always painted to the point where they are probably permenantly yellow underneath. I don't want people though, doing my fingernails - looking at them and thinking "...Oh, what bad shape they're in..." But I couldn't give a toss what people think of my feet! I have no explanation. I think the hand/fingernail thing is also about the state they are in because I garden sans gloves. Don't like gloves.

    I'm a tinned tuna nut as well. I will e-mail you the tuna pasta receipe given to me by a girlfriend of mine. It's divine and very easy!

    As to my stuff - don't mess with it or the order in which I've put it; please :-)

    Melody said...

    Hehe... How funny. You're funny!!
    I will do the memes, but not right yet. But I will!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Belly-buttons!! Cannot bear to have mine touched! Seriously freaks me out. Also I can't be in the room when people floss their teeth.

    Don't pout about bloglines. I'm sure we can talk this through honey.

    And congrats on losing your meme cherry.

    h&b said...

    Oops ! - I meant to say you can do all or EITHER or none.

    Man, i'm harsh today ! ;)

    Nutmeg - i've been teased for my love of 'cat food' aka tinned tuna .. so i'm happy to have a kindred in the blog-mist.

    And yes - the fingernail polish gets in the way of my gardening too ( also a no-gloves kinda girl .. although sometimes I use those disposable thin latex ones Dr's use. They rock )

    h&b said...

    and Stomper .. are you coming onto me ?

    That is totally uncool.

    Janet said...

    Yes indeed the bloglines thing is trippy. I haven't deleted my favourites folder though, because sometimes I just want to pop over somwhere and follow comments or something. And apparently sometimes bloglines doesn't work. I'm finding that I still click through to my favourite blogs because bloglines is ugly, ugly, ugly. I like looking at pretty blogs ;)

    I shall do my meming on Friday, that's my day for memes. Surely by then I will be able to come up with 6 weird things or some things I haven't said before. Surely.

    Oh I feel for you on the teeth... Am oblivious to the rubbish, not my job... but a full bin is certainly a good thing.

    Tracey Petersen said...

    I like to visit blogs each day to see who has updated. It's a bit of an adventure and a little bit of a thrill to see something new.

    My son loves tuna too. I love him so much that I let him eat it in the house, BUT he has to sit a long way away from me, take the can outside immediately and brush his teeth before he comes too close. Could you live by those rules too??

    Cherry Rockette said...

    yup, i do 3. and 5. of the wierdo things, and the friend thing too.
    i like your things you find funny.

    Stomper Girl said...

    You wish.

    verniciousknids said...

    Nutmeg: Please post the tuna pasta recipe...pretty please!

    I'll put this on my to-do list ;)

    deb said...

    I'm with you on the toenails! I like that they last for a long time but chip on my fingers after a day! Too much work for me!

    meggie said...

    I got a lot of laughs out of your memes- & agreed with so many things you said!
    I dont like Tuna though- odd as I am almost a 'fish-a-holic'. My daughter just loves it!

    And the dishes thing- I couldnt live without my dishwasher!

    As to belly buttons... they are obscene!

    Damselfly said...

    Bravo! Thanks for indulging me. You are one weird person. Kidding! I also have painted toes but never fingers, and don't like going to the cinema. (I'd just rather not get coughed on or have to sit on a gooey seat.)

    Muzbot said...

    "Tinned tuna risotto" - Risotto is one of my fave meals. So do you just chuck in a tin of tuna towards the end of cooking?

    And the movies, me too... A fun night in on the couch with a dvd and pizza is my idea of "going" to the movies. Although, going out for a bite to eat in chinatown after seeing movie is always fun with good company.

    joanne said...

    I have secretly started watching home and away also...... I had to see what happened to sally,then the cheating husband policeman then the pregnant chic to husband of a barron woman ...ooooohhhh Im hooked!

    Uli said...

    I'm also with you on the tuna, to the point of loopiness really. And I also have a great and easy tuna pasta recipe, loved to the point that my college roomate's (from 15 years ago) husband still cooks it now and thinks I'm a genius. Of course I got it form my step-mother, who got it, I believe, from the good old Womens Weekly cookbook...

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    I'm with you on toenails & bellybuttons but bins, yes & no. It's a point of pride at the Brown-Mouse house to have as little as possible in the bins, rubbish or recycling. It means we are winning the compost & "say no to excess packaging" battles. Now, if we could only get the cats to use the spare loo...

    Lazy cow said...

    Your teeth do NOT suck.
    I'll make a note of the wine and pate thing (yay, I won't have to bake!). And nothing wrong with tinned tuna, or risotto or nori rolls. Yum.
    Watching H&A = definitely wierd :-)

    VictoriaE said...

    I love the sight of the empty garbage bin, your teeth sound as evil as mine, and I try to watch Home and Away regularly - it's very classy, very realistic..

    Wes said...

    So many things we didn't know! We just need to remember not to touch your stuff. Ever.

    shopper said...

    I've never tried bloglines. Though I've thought of it. It probably would be too organized for my disorganized self. ;)

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