Friday, January 19, 2007

    Zoo !

    Some pics from our trip to the Zoo today.

    It rained in Melbourne town today. 'twas lovely.
    The parched ground and the heat made for steamy conditions, but it was welcome, welcome relief...

    We got there just as the Meerkats were getting their dead mouse brekky. Yum Yum.

    The Tiger and her newborn cub were cute.
    Unfortunately, this is the only snap I got, as I was whisked away by a bored toddler at full flight....

    Last year at the Zoo, his main highlight was chasing seagulls in the foodcourt areas.
    This year, it was all 'go-go-go, i'm here to walk'.
    My, how this kid loves to walk. Or "wun". "Wun, wun, wun!"

    And the washing of the elephants.

    So beautiful to watch, such classy animals.

    For those from elsewhere, please be advised this 'cell' is not part of the usual environs. It is simply a bathing enclosure.
    In the past when we've visited, they've been bathed outside, but I have a feeling this indoor thing might be as a response to water restrictions and recycling ???

    Anyway, I found it really lovely to watch. Ms. Elephant obviously loved the cool bathing .. and as we left, all the 'great unwashed' were jostling by the gate to be next in line .. ahhh .. cool water ...


    Melody said...

    It has been a year since we visited the Melbourne Zoo. How great is it?? The elephant enclosure is wonderful there - feels like you're in Asia somewhere. Is there now a new orangatang enclosure? How good is it to now visit the zoo with a young one? Makes you appreciate life just that little more doesn't it?

    carolyn said...

    Strange I used to hate the zoo but now I love it. Aren't the Meercats sweet that is if you ignore their meals.

    meggie said...

    We took AA granddaughter when she was about 8, to Taronga Zoo.
    We were surprised at her reactions, her favourite part was the Gondola ride!
    However we adults just loved it all!

    I dislike Circuses, but we took AAG to the Circus- a small one, about 4 years ago, on a heatwave, stifling day. Almost melted in the Big Top..but... we all LOVED it!

    Next it will be SG's turn to be amazed.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Missed you by this much! Well a whole day really. Wish we'd seen the cubs. I only saw the news footage where the poor keeper nearly lost an ear.

    Uli said...

    Between you and Stomper and all your photos I'm totally going down there this afternoon, rain or no rain.

    I've definitely seen the Elephants being washed inside before, well before the water restrictions (yay, rain!), so maybe they alternate?

    shopper said...

    Great photos! The elephant shower is interesting.

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