Monday, November 20, 2006

    In which I tell the truth..

    Did I bag rose-owners yesterday ?
    I certainly hope not .. I was sort of just waffling.
    Anyway, I can't talk, the only succulents I own are the ones left to me by 'The Previous Owner'. I talk the talk, but sometimes my walk is a bit wonky...

    Anyway, the Standard Icebergs were at a good price at Bunnings, and even better when you have a Gift Card.
    Free money, as it were....

    I bought 2, because I like to buy in pairs. Not sure where the other one will go just yet, but doesn't this look 100% nicer than the atomic jasmine ?

    Yes, I thought so.
    I also planted a Tahitian Lime tree we got as a housewarming gift, and another climbing iceberg that was dying in a too-small pot. I have a lot of plants in pots.
    We've moved around a lot, so this will eventually be my first ever permanent garden. I'm pretty excited about it !

    Some of you also asked if I found an creepy-crawlies in all that old jasmine, and rudely, I didn't answer. Anyway, the answer is ( surprisingly ) no.
    This house is anti-spider, for some reason ( NOT complaining ! ). Anyway, we make up for it in cockroaches. UGH !

    Another result of global warming, i'm sure. I only saw my first cockie a year ago and LET IT GO OUTSIDE as I thought it must have been a CRICKET ( argh, barf, vomit, yuk ! ).
    Mr Exterminator told me it was all about water anyway, and no, my house wasn't hideously unclean as I feared it must have been. Phew ! Still .. very gross, but at least I don't find them indoors anymore. Victoria used to be too cool for cockies ...

    What else ?

    Oh yes, that garage door in the pic. Do I leave it 'rustic' pink ? I hate the colour, but I don't know .. it's kind of ... history ?? The only other colour I could think of is Dulux Regency Cream ( which I used at my last house renovation - pic at right, it's the colour of my ex-front-door ).

    And that's the late slinky-cat Hamlyn sniffing the paint cans :).

    Ideas anyone ?


    Janet said...

    Yes, the rose is much better there than the jasmine. I love jasmine, but only where there's room and someone else enthusiastic enough to hack it back severely every couple of years. Surely roses can't be out of fashion. I don't have any because, I've never thought I'd be here long enough to justify them. ha! I thought they were pretty drought tolerant too.

    I do have succulents of many weird varieties, mostly given to me as cuttings or collected on my walks. They're great, especially for feature pots, very hard to kill.

    I'd be inclined to leave the door but I'm lazy. Still the colour combo is quite striking and with masses of rose bush might really work.

    symone said...

    Well your standard iceberg looks matter what the 'mags' may say, a beautiful rose is always admired in a garden. Actually I can;t believe how hardy they are. Me, a non gardener had them flourishing at our old place and all I did was hack them back once a year. As for your garage door, the colour from C'wood would look great....although I do have a penchant for the current shade of pink...reminds me of my mums carpet choice in the 80's....eeeuuuww....the WHOLE house..mmm.

    Anonymous said...

    Oww I do like the colour of your old front door. Looks great alongside the blue... Your new rose plant looks very swish indeed and much better than the jasmine you had there...

    (Good to hear you have no spiders residing at yours like mine!)

    h&b said...

    Well there you go .. I knew roses were hardy ( goodness know I abuse mine ), but I wasn't sure if they were drought-tolerant.


    velcro said...

    Am obviously daft as when you started talking about icebergs I thought you meant the lettuce (not very clued up on gardening I'm afraid).

    I like the colour of the door in the bottom photo. Would that suit your garage door?

    thanks for popping over to comment on the confusion that is the Koala's clothing!

    Anonymous said...

    I thought you meant lettuce too :) Needless to say I don't garden. I like the creamy yellow door too - is that what you had in mind for the garage door? If so I'd say go for it!

    PS I'll start posting pictures of my new house as soon as we get in and I can do some "non-identifying" pictures... I'm keen to get ideas :)

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    I;d lose the pink, but that's me.

    The cream is lovely, but I wonder if, in a shed situation, you could go bolder and maybe do a lovely dark red with that blue? There seems to be something red on the left of the pic, but it might look more maroon in real life?

    Kirsty said...

    Go bright lime green!!!
    The iceburg will look the goods when its flowering against that wall!!
    My succulents are in my window box outside the kitchen window because the so called "pretty stuff" needed too much water!!! And I felt really fashionable when I first put them there!!!
    Thanks for your visit, I got the gocco from

    Jo said...

    I kinda like the pink, tones in nicely with the bricks. And I am not a pink girl. Perhaps it needs roughing up a bit more?

    herhimnbryn said...

    Hallo from WA. Thankyou fro the comment you left at Secret Hill.
    I sort of like that colour, maybe if it were a bit more terracotta-ish ( two r's one t? not sure of spelling).

    h&b said...

    Thanks for the colour advice ... hmm, a shocking lime green, or the traditional "Indian Red" Bec picked up on - a residual 'previous owner' colour.

    Both could work.

    nutmeg said...

    You are a human dynamo! I like the idea of the red. I have used a similar red in my kitchen; it sits well with deep eucalyptus green. But I can also see it working with that blue of yours.

    I found a picture on the digital camera that Daughter #1 had taken of Howie just before he died. It brought a tear to the eye.

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