Thursday, September 28, 2006

    Goodbye Beautiful Boy

    Hamlyn didn't make it out of a light anaethesia this morning.
    Massive kidney failure.
    He was our first ever kitten, and we got him not long after we married.
    He had ear mites, and used to retrieve used cotton buds from the bin.
    He would also fetch sticks.

    In his later years, he remained lean and slinky and loved soaking up the sun.
    Loved chicken bones, cheese singles and bacon rind.
    We will miss you.


    My float said...

    I'm so sorry for your loss, H&B.

    Em said...

    I'm so sorry... I still think about the cats in my life that have long since died. It's sad.

    mommy said...

    It is so sad but you have written a lovely obituary. I am at work and crying. i had to send your link to my boss so that he could understand why I was crying. He is now sad too and said that Ham looked like a really nice cat.

    Rosanna said...

    I'm so sorry that I missed this, and that your little cat is gone.

    All my thoughts to you.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm so sorry H&B. There is always something about the first one that can never be duplicated.

    My parents just lost their cat that we had when I was a child. Even though I didn't live at home anymore, I was still so very sad.

    He will live on in your good memories of him. Their lives are so short, but they bring so much while they're here.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    But what a lovely black & white memory to have. Kidneys, the feline race's Achilles’ heel.

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