Sunday, November 19, 2006

    The busy end of the year..

    Absent bloggings, not due to disinterest ( hey, i've kept a diary since I was 12yrs old in one form or another .. there's nothing I know better .. and this is by far my favourite medium.. )

    Mum starts a new job on Monday, so I can resume my self-indulgent ruminations and catch up on all my readings. Blogging is not something I like to do with houseguests, much less when they're wanting to use the computer to look for work and compose their CV and etc.

    So i've been gardening mainly. Painted the wall behind the now defunct Jasmine, dug out its hideously webbed root system etc.

    Melbourne weather has also been rather ODD of late .... global warming stuff ....
    It's late Spring, we're heading into Summer ... and yet for a few days there we had HAIL, and in some places SNOW. Incredible. Today as I type, it's balmy, and earlier it was sunburningly hot.

    So the weeds have run riot. Rain followed by sun = weeds.
    I can't complain though .. Australia is in drought, water restrictions are increasing ( though not at the moment here in VIC ... because we're coming up to an election - har, har. As soon as there's a winner though .. it's inevitable there'll be another crack down ).

    UPDATE AND AMENDMENT: .. My sister rightfully pointed out that it is only Melbourne CENTRAL that is on light restrictions, not Victoria in it's entirety. Country VIC is indeed on harsh restrictions already, and Melbourne City will be next. Apologies.

    Roses are OUT, succulents are in. Urban grey water usage and rainwater tanks win you an appreciative nod from your peers ( we're not there yet, it's in the 2007 family budget ! ), rather than the ye olde look of "fricken hippies" of only a few years ago ..

    Even the tanks are cool now ! Fab shapes and colours. I'm glad the market has caught up with the interests of aesthetics, and the limited spaces of the typical urban home. 'Bout time.
    Although I must say it annoys me that the Federal Govt gives out a lump sum ( currently $3k ) for birthing a child ( hoo-ray ). I've heard some people are calling it "The Plasma Bonus".
    Yep, birth a child and get a new widescreen fancy-pants TV. Disgusting.
    Stupid govt.

    Today was the local annual street fair. I told Master B we were going to a 'party', which was true enough I guess. We had rides, we had gelati, and we visited the petting farm. Fun :)


    mrsmogul said...

    I came from Grow A Life blog..! Anyway I have been to Melbourne in 2001! We stayed by the trendy beach area with all the cafes.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Somebody once told me that backyard rainwater tanks were illegal in metropolitan Victoria until quite recently. How ridiculous is that?
    Love the pic. I had to force the Climber to pat the animals at the Melb. Show. Goddammit, the Show is about showing city kids the cute little farm critters and you are NOT going on any more rides until you pat one.
    Tough love.

    Kirsty said...

    Hi Just stumbled across your blog and had a read. See we have stuff in common, love gardening, crafting,water tanks (we have 5),little children (we have 4),
    Cute photo I'll be back!!!

    Damselfly said...

    Wow, your mum just arrived and she's already got a job?! That's great. I love the photo of your boy with the guinea pig.

    VictoriaE said...

    I love a good child with guinea pig photo. Yes, we bought a new set of couches with our baby bonus - I don't know why the government wanted to pay for it.

    Anonymous said...

    I visited at the wrong time didn't I? 36 yesterday? 36 today? And I left two days ago. Urgh. It was soooo cold, very odd wasn't? Oh well.

    I see that the govt. are changing the payments to young teenage mothers which is a good idea but I don't think it is just young teenage mothers who waste the money...

    h&b said...

    Hi mrsmogul, welcome ;)
    I think you probably stayed in St Kilda. Hope you enjoyed your stay !

    Stomper - ILLEGAL ? that's crazy-talk. I guess it explains the lack of market until now anyway ...
    LOL about the Show .. I go for the farm animals too ;)

    Hi Kirsty - just checked out your blog. Adorable, i'll be back for more !

    Damsel - it's kind of a transfer .. the same company she was working for in London. Made it a bit easier !

    Victoria - oh yeah, i'd take the $3k and spend it on funstuff too, but yeah, it seems a bit silly to me, and hardly an incentive to breed ! Just a bonus for hard labour, I guess :)

    Melody - yeah, you got the bum end of Melb weather. Damn hot now. Phew !

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