Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    Blackboard Wall

    ta- dahhh !!

    And because people might think i'm a bit odd, here's some questions from my upcoming mailbag:

    Q: Why do you have a big H&B on your blackboard ? Do you love yourself ? ( DF, Melbourne )

    A: Why yes, of course DF. Remember the old Mormon ad: "Before you teach her to love others, teach her to love herself". I'm sure i'll get around to other people soon.
    I'll call you first.


    Q: Seriously, what's with the H&B ?
    Do you think you're some big brand name ? It's weird.
    ( PT, Qld )

    A: Actually, PT, there was a sale on of white letters when we bought our outdoor furniture. I wanted some bad, and knew i'd have to think up a 3-letter word suitable for the kitchen area pronto. I could only think of "EAT", which I love, but seriously, it's everywhere already. I like to be a *leetle* different .. plus I have an unhealthy obsession with the "&" sign.

    I can relate to "H&B" - it really is all about me, and people already think i'm a bit bizarro, so rellies will continue to talk about me behind my back, and that's fine with me.

    It's also a little obscure, because most of my friends aren't on the internet ( *gasp* ).
    When I tell them it's the name of 'my website', they'll probably assume i'm some big wheeling dealin' marketing guru raking it in, and think i'm really smart and stuff.

    Well, maybe. Or not.

    Anyway, I don't care ( although explaining myself sometimes makes me feel a bit nerdy/weird :) .. my husband likes it, and for the moment, so do I.

    ( Since we took the pic, we've also chalked up a big welcome note to Grandma and traced our hands. Fun :)


    nutmeg said...

    Oh, you are so good! That wall is bloody fantastic. Your post had me laughing out loud (is that what LOL is? - showing my ignorance there)

    I'm wondering who DF and PT could be.

    DF - dozey f***wit
    PT - painful twit

    Was I close? I love the "H&B"

    Stomper Girl said...

    Looks great, as do the letters. Say it loud, say it proud, sista.

    Anonymous said...

    I love your style... and the intriguing h&b takes the cake!

    meggie said...

    Ohhh! Cats claws, or what??
    I love that board!!
    Perhaps I will convince GOM we need one?
    But his is such an old fuddy duddy now!
    Plus he had 'decorated our passage with marks where he throws Leo his toys!!
    Then says "I will wash it off" -of course, he never does!

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    "h&b's ampersand is indicative of the modern mother's need for connection to current design and popular culture, and also helps to hide wayward playdough and 'sauce' splatters: Discuss."

    Angry Dad said...

    Very impressive!

    To discuss Bec's point: Doesn't the & really just mean "and", and the H&B therefore is an incorrectly spelt variant of HANDY? (The "Y" being aboe the "B" on the keyboard, and hence an obvious misspelling)

    Lazy cow said...


    Damselfly said...

    Cool ideas all over your home!

    CelloBella said...

    I want a blackboard wall! I want a blackboard wall! I want a blackboard wall!

    My float said...

    Oh my lord, i laughed my head off at this post. The lengths we go to to entertain ourselves!!

    I love the wall. I am still considering pinching the idea. Just letting you know. Although I won't be putting any letters on mine. You already have H&B and, well, MF?? I think visitors might be a tad offended!

    shannon said...

    Must agree, lovely lovely wall!
    Im sure H & B stands for humps and I get a prize?

    jorth said...

    Snazzy wall... I want one!

    joanne said...

    looks fantastic

    Jo said...

    I love it! I'm off out to the shed to find that pot of blackboard paint, amongst the 324 sample pots.

    Gina said...

    OMG your hardwoods are drop-dead gorgeous. Adore the H&B. Perfecto conversation piece.

    Hilarious & classy response.

    Uli said...

    Looks great!

    suburban mom said...


    suburban mom said...

    OK! I can comment - it all looks fab! Love the H&B :)

    Janet said...

    Your floor is a beauty to behold, pretty much the foor of my dreams. One day. Oh, and I think the H&B is very cool too.

    Anonymous said...

    I love the H&B letters too! Pretty smart thinking... Know EXACTLY what you mean when you tell people you have a page on the web...

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