Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    Done .. but no Dusting ..

    My mum arrives tomorrow.

    She's been living and working in the UK for the past 5yrs, but as of tomorrow night, mi casa su casa.
    ( And now I have the image of Franco Cozzo in my head. Megalo Megalo Megalo ! )

    I wonder if this is why i've been so manic lately ?

    When my mum is here, all I want to do is eat deli snacks and watch bad television ( You are NOT the father ! )

    I emailled my sister today about how i'm so slack when mum's here, I don't even want to make dinner, and cleaning ( not that i'm a fanatic - pft ! ) go to um .. shite. I liked her advice:

    "Definitely rude to vacuum unless you offer your ‘guest’ the opportunity to do it first. If the guest declines, then it really is bad form to go ahead and do it when they’ve already indicated they’re not interested in that kind of activity!!!!"

    Heh. Yes, i'd hate to be rude...

    As for manic .. I don't know ..
    I decided to paint a wall of the kitchen in blackboard paint, so I can have my own café menu board .. .
    This is the good thing about owning a 'non'perfect' house.
    I would never do this in a new home, which is probably why I don't like new homes.
    Too precious.
    And what would I do with my cleaning/cooking avoidance energy ?

    After applying the 2nd coat of blackboard paint today, the outdoor setting arrived, and as impatient as I am, I assembled the damn thing. I also washed and ironed a whole heap of bedlinen for said Mummy.
    I am mad. Crazy-mad, mad, mad.

    And my mum's not even one of those white-gloved kinds.
    In fact, she has a penchant for 'sauce' that makes me cringe. You know that 'skip a generation' thing ? Well, apparently i'm just like my Grandma .

    And my son ?

    Upon being served dinner.. will look at you and ask hopefully ... "sauce ??!"*

    I hope my mum is proud :)

    ( * 'sauce' may mean anything from mayo to pinenut dip to ye olde tomaté .. or even the melted choc biscuit my son 'dunked' his sandwich in yesterday lunchtime. Apparently it's not a meal unless you're dunking. )


    nutmeg said...

    Ahhh. A woman after my own heart. A fellow "assembler".

    I was doing the same thing with an IKEA purchase not two nights ago. Daughter #1 thought we might wait for Dad. Dad schmad I said. Out came the drill and the in went the IKEA turning device and 40 mintues later all was done! It was good to show daughters that this stuff isn't just reserved for men.

    After they went to bed I then transferred everything to new TV cabinet, unplugging and repuggling 4 or 5 devices - now, doing the rewiring, that even impressed me :-)

    Blackboard painted wall sounds amazing. Thick chalk shall be required.

    Also, the sauce fetish reminded me of a scene from The Castle ("What are these darl? Rissoles! Oh rissoles! ha ha And the caddy of all their sauces sitting on the dinner table))

    h&b said...

    I don't wait for Dad either ... he's always at work paying for these things !! :)

    I'm the Handyman in this household. A High Heel and a butterknife ? Check .. but I also know the 'real deal' stuff too :)

    TV cabinet sounds cool ( pics ? ), and yes, pics of blackboard wall to be posted soon.

    As for The Castle .. well, yes...
    Add in a bit of Kath'n'Kim ( Kels' rissoles, natch ), and i'm home.... ;)

    Lazy cow said...

    I'm in love with that vacuuming quote!
    Did we discuss the blackboard thingy? I'm going to either buy a blackboard framed in tacky gilt frame from the Botanical Gardens Market, or make my own with MDF. I'm tipping it will be bought as DIY and I do not co-mingle well.
    Have fun with your Mum!

    h&b said...

    LC - no, I don't think so, it was a kind of a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing.

    I did look at MDF first, and other substrates ( I wanted an 'interesting' look ), but could find nothing. In the end, simply painted some wall.

    It happens like this here :)

    Stomper Girl said...

    Wow, I love the idea of the blackboard wall, although I would be using it to remind myself of all the things I needed to do - not writing the menu du jour! (not with the level of cuisine offered at our gaff)
    I'm sure your Mum will just love snuggling down in those freshly ironed sheets.
    I'm about to entertain my sister and her 2 kids for a week, and they'll be lucky if I have the spare room cleared of all the junk that's currently hiding the carpet.

    Janet said...

    ironing sheets?! I'm dead impressed.

    Anonymous said...

    Ooooh, I like the idea of blackboard paint... now I just need to think of a wall to paint.

    Angry Dad said...

    Ahhh Franco Cozzo, what a great place Foot-Is-Gray is!

    How is it that our mother always send us into a frenzy?!

    My kids love sauce on everything, but only the tomatoey kind. Their father is a heathen.

    caramaena said...

    This sauce skipping generation thing is true for us. My partner's dad has sauce (usually tomato) on everything - absolutely everything. My partner hates tomato sauce with a passion. Our son? Loves it (just on meat though - not everything like his granddad).

    Have fun with your mum!

    Anonymous said...

    I want a blackboard wall too...what a cool idea!

    suburban mom said...

    OMG - I love your mom! I love that quote. That's my kind of woman. :)

    suburban mom said...

    Oh and I totally have to see that wall. Must post photos.

    meggie said...

    What a GREAT idea, with the blackboard.
    I like slightly used & worn for furniture. Love the stories old 'wounds' on our table could tell about our kids.
    Love that pic!

    jorth said...

    I'm loving that vacuum advice. Totally going to take it on board!

    My float said...

    I'm with your sister. Let it all go to hell in a handbasket!

    I hope you have a lovley time with your mum. Is she staying? (That question will either make you laugh or cry. Or perhaps go a little more manic!)

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    I can pretty much assemble anything requiring assembly.

    I canNOT, however, add an accent (or is it an acute?) to tomate.


    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    ... but I have been known to iron sheets - for guests only.

    muser said...

    o0o I think I have the same glassware. :)

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