Monday, October 30, 2006

    Meanings in Art

    A pic of the Master and 2 of his best friends ( I give him doubles of pics for his own use and interest ). he's scribbled out all their faces, then drawn a huge circle around the whole photograph .. on the TABLE .. no bubby !!! )

    I did not alter this compostition, although it looks kinda staged to me.
    I think it's kinda cute :)


    In other news, we ordered an outdoor setting. Being delivered tomorrow, being paid for in 2009, ha ha.

    I wasn't allowed to get the sunlounge I desired as I was told we'd "spent enough already".

    If you're reading this honey, I really really NEED that sunlounge. Really. How else can I lay back and drink cocktails watch your son from a vantage point ergonomically recommended by 9/10 doctors ?

    It's true.
    I looked it up on the 'net.


    We also stopped by a really good nursery wholesaler we know of and got our deck planter plants. A mix of N.Z. Flax and Cordylines, all in a vivid green to highlight the reds of the merbau wood.

    Am I happy again ?
    You bet your hollow shopping expedition highs, I am.



    nutmeg said...

    That picture is sublime - both boy and the merbau wood.

    Don't you just love those "nothing to pay until....." thingies. Also, good point on the sunlounge (ha ha) I think I might have to use that one on Mr J.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm going to need your decorating advice v. v. soon!

    muser said...

    LOL. Who says money doesn't bring happiness ?

    Stomper Girl said...

    I hope you get your sun-lounge. Clearly that gorgeous deck is crying out for an ergonomically recommended model.
    Love the psychology of the boy's artwork. I don't fathom it, but I like it.

    Angry Dad said...

    The rear deck is looking fabulous! If you do get the sun lounge, don't do what we did and leave it out in the sun. No matter what the brochure says, they still fade and go mouldy!!! (Or maybe its just the Queensland sun and humidity, and not that dry Melbourne Summer!)

    My float said...

    Giving the kiddies doubles - what a great idea. At the moment, my son loves going through the bag of his photos and asking us to tell him the story...over and over and over again!

    Go the sunlounge. After all, safety is paramount! (And luxury.)

    Gina said...

    Our AC is thanks to that very same plan. When ya gotta have it...

    The circle is the frame of his composition.

    Mmmmm... a sunlounge sounds oh so lovely right now. Yes, you definately must have one of those...I agree. We call them "decks" here (same thing or no??) which doesn't sound nearly as inviting.

    meggie said...

    Half our adult 'kid's' memories are helped along -or maybe formed- from photos.
    I really like the look of your deck- haha, good choice of plants!

    Isnt digital photography wonderful, you can keep those precious memories, & crop out the 'erm' mistakes. Not that I think you have any... but boy! I sure do!!

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