Sunday, October 29, 2006


    How much would you expect an electrical-rewiring to cost ?

    The price of a brand-new merbau deck ?
    The price of a brand-new bathroom you won't be getting due to the fact you can't afford it ?


    Tossed and turned all last night.
    First there was the electricity bill from hell ( 3x more than our average ), which we still haven't paid, and we're worried about what we could possibly be doing wrong. My brother-in-law advises that you can't "leak" electricity, and so something must be sucking it down. Perhaps we own something faulty ? *Sigh*

    Then we got the quote ( we'll be getting at least another ) for the re-wiring. Astronomical.
    Apparently the way we're wired out to the street is illegal these days, and all this other stuff. Depressing.
    Meanwhile, without safety switches et al, death by powerpoint could be in our immediate future. Gah !

    Not only that, but we'd probably be without electricity for a couple of days, which means the extra cost of a few days away on a mini-holiday. Sounds nice, but not only is it extra money to go away, i'd be worried about tradies going through my smalls behind my back ( I had a nice new pair lifted from my drawers during an Open-for-Inspection in the old place. yeah. Nice ). Add to that we once went away for similar circumstances in our previous home renovation, only to return to find NOTHING had been done. Something came up, something was hindered, something, something. Gah !

    So I don't care. Over it.
    It's the fun season. I don't really need an oven again until next winter anyway - we'll survive.

    What I do know is that i'm sick of strangers hanging around.
    Me being polite and ensuring i'm presentably dressed, making coffee, making small talk I couldn't care less about.

    And i'm worried about finding suitable outdoor seating for Xmas .. because I like things to be perfect .. and i'm worried about things I really shouldn't be. And I worry about all this stuff at like 3am in the morning, in bed, when my husband really doesn't want to hear it.

    I need some hollow, sugar-rush wanton spending to cheer me up.

    Hopefully today we can find an outdoor setting we can afford that doesn't look like crap.
    I want to get people over here for a BBQ before Xmas - all those people we've ignored since we moved here, so somewhere to sit and put the food would be a good idea ...

    And yes, I realise what a whiney middle-class indulgent post this is.
    And yes, I feel bad for living such an incredibly gifted life in luxury, and then having a sook about it.

    I know, I know, I know.


    shellyC said...

    I guess that is why a Sparky is one of the best paid trades??!! Get a few more quotes though....or "how much for cash?" - Hope you found the outdoor setting.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Renovating - its like motherhood! Fun one day, freak-out the next.
    I suppose an upside of renting is never having to pay for the re-wiring, although with our dodgy landlord its possible we're living at the same risk as you of death-by-powerpoint.
    Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight...

    suburban mom said...

    Ha - you're cute. I do the exact same thing. I was going through all my decorating magazines that had piled up next to my bed ( i wanted to finally toss them), ripping out "idea" pages.

    Once I finally went to sleep I was dreaming about paint and crown moulding! How dorky am I?

    (and I nearly had a nervous breakdown last summer when I was on the hunt for the perfect (yet affordable) patio furniture)

    caramaena said...

    Bummer on the cost. It is important though.

    would recommend doing safety switches asap. My kiddo once stuck a knife in the toaster (while I was going to the bathroom). If it weren't for the safety switch, I dread to think what could have happened. He's 100% fine, but I've kept the knife with the little melted spot on it as a reminder (not that I really need one).

    I can tell you, that it was a long long time before I went to the bathroom without dragging him with me. Mind you, now he won't leave me alone in there!

    Anonymous said...

    It's your blog...whine and self indulge as much as you like!

    Having said that, hopefully you'll get a better quote on the rewiring and find the perfect deck furniture.

    My float said...

    Whinge all you like, H&B. It makes me happy that I'm not the only one!

    Can you do the life threatening parts or does it all have to be done at the same time?

    meggie said...

    Bummer on your wiring!
    Hope you found your dream outdoor setting!

    carolyn said...

    House renovation always costs more than you expect / are quoted. Re. rewiring, ours was done in one day, I admit I did go out but I know what you mean about leaving the house and coming home and things haven't been done. We once had a plasterer who turned up every morning for a week, waited until we had left the house then he did a bunk!

    slap me happy said...

    lmbo we got a quote this week for 4 grand well was I happy NOT. And that was a cash job, bugger that for a laugh. As for your xmas seating if your having a party tell them to bring their own bl**dy seats lol and a citronella candle for that matter just incase you have no juice for the lights, then you can dress as you wish for the lighting will be dim lol. Hope things get better this week.

    Anonymous said...

    You know what you need? An electrician as a father-in-law (like me) or two brother-in-laws who are electricians (like me) or a life partner/husband who is a carpenter by trade (like me).

    There is such a shortage of trades-people out there - have you seen the new adverts where they are trying to lure people into trades, even offering incentives for employers for take on an apprentice aged over 30?

    joanne said...

    We had our house re-wired and it wwaaassss soooo exspensive ($8000 later,can you believe it)aannnd I am a bit scared about the open for inspection stealing! We are putting our house on the market early next year - I never even thought of that!!!!!!!

    Angry Dad said...

    Ouch, that sucks! I'm like you in that I don't really know any "real" electricians, except for friends of friends or do-it-yourselfers who are only half qualified.
    To see if you've got something that's really chewing the power, you could turn most things off during the day, then go out and see how much your meter is spinning. Then just switch other things off until you find the culprit... just a suggestion!

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