Thursday, September 14, 2006

    Wee Wheeeee !

    So impressed !!

    We bought a potty when we moved here, but have kept it all low-key. It's present, we talk about it, sometimes we sit on it and pretend to go and press the imaginary button and wash our hands etc.. I figured we'd start toilet-training this spring/summer.

    Tonight the boy is running around pantless, and I hear a massive splashing noise like when he wees on the floor. I turn around and he's weeing standing up, daddy style, over the potty. Didn't spill a drop !! I was so impressed !!

    So we got a special choccy bikkie ( I wasn't prepared, but I had to reward somehow ! ), lots of praise, a phonecall to dad and lots of admiring of the whizz before flushing it away.

    Hmm - maybe I should buy him one of those little-boy urinals that hang off the side of the toiley ??

    What a good boy though - hope the rest of toilet-training is as easy as this.
    I'm off to buy little-boy jocks tomorrow ! J


    Tamara said...

    oh my, potty training. I, unfortunately, remember those days well. Luckily it really was only days.

    Happy Thursday from Michele's meet and greet

    jorth said...

    We're about to start this...fingers crossed it doesn't take long!

    Melody said...

    Yippee! Well done! Monet has used the potty a few times which is pretty exciting. I am actually going to potty train Monet come January but I am going to try the 'Dr, Phil' method. He claims you can potty train in ONE day. I am yet to believe it but will give anything a go.

    suburban mom said...

    Yeah! I love potty training :)

    symone said...

    How exciting,
    A big day in the young mans life - and yours for that matter. It's a proud moment for us as parents, good timing too coming into Spring and the warmer weather.
    One step closer to not needing to buy nappies and wipes!!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Very impressed with your little fella! I learned the hard way that there's not much point starting till they are ready! My first boy could be buck-naked, standing right next to the potty and would still wee on the floor next to it - because, we assume, there was no signal running from willy to brain! Hope my second boy easier but he has greeted every overture of would you like to try a wee in the potty/toilet with a stern "NO!"

    Mommy off the Record said...

    Yay! Congratulations, that's a major step! I can't wait until we get there and I don't have any more diapers to change.

    Em said...

    I am a very jealous woman (I'm still struggling to get my almost 4 year old to use the potty...)

    Angry Dad said...

    You are SO on the journey to nappy freedom. Hallelujah!

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