Thursday, September 14, 2006

    And you may find yourself..

    ..behind the wheel of a large automobile..
    And you may ask did I get here?

    Went to Playgroup again today. After missing last week, and most of the winter, apparently this votes me most likely for "The girl who will be Leader". Yep, that's me.
    Our Secretary quit after 4yrs as it's all become too much, her children are getting older. I rocked up first today, and next thing I know, i'm going home with a huge folder under my arm.

    Interesting, given my penchance for starting things with a passion, and then moving into a 'can't be fagged stage'. I'm a bit of a sugar rush with no real lasting substance - hmm, we'll see how it goes.

    At least I can fast-track some people I know on the waiting list. Numbers could do with a boost anyway, get my posse behind me, bully people, hit them up for money, act like a Dictator .. now this could be fun ...

    As long as there are no MEETINGS. And I bags not doing the dishes.


    shula said...

    hmmmm....sure you didn't get done like a dinner?

    h&b said...

    Yeah, possibly.
    I figured I could handle it for a year ... and then dump it if I wasn't enjoying it.

    That said, I haven't signed anything yet ;)

    Carmi said...

    Ah, the Talking Heads. David Byrne spent time as a child in nearby Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I think of him and his musical genius every time I drive through on the way to downtown Toronto.

    shpprgrl said...

    Wow, it sounds like having fun is going to be ALOT of work for you. You are in a very organized group it sounds! :)

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