Sunday, September 10, 2006

    This is my Son

    Sitting here, doing some stuff, I notice the 'still-life' to my right on the computer desk:

    A beloved and rumpled "Simpsons" book .. a banana stub, some chalk and a plastic dinosaur wearing a play wine glass* for a hat ( space helmet ? )

    He's an odd-bod, but his absurdity doesn't fall far from the tree. Strangely, this is comforting :)

    * P.S. - What kind of a parent allows 'play' wine glasses in the house ? What's next ? - a 'play' Whiskey tumbler and decanter set, 'play'-cigar and ashtray sets. A mini Hugh-Heff-dressing gown ? ( egads ! )


    My float said...

    Actually, what's next is a plastic McDonald's 'picnic' set, availble from a Toys R Us near you!

    My son was given a Subway set for his 2nd birthday - the only thing I've promptly given away to someone else.

    Melody said...

    You can afford bananas???? *giggle giggle*

    Angry Dad said...

    We have the same Simpson's Book at our place, and its in the same condition given the frequent readings by all children!

    Love the space helmet. Of course Dinosaurs need that!

    nutmeg said...

    Just had a chance to catch up on your blog. That fireplace is fantastic. I want one. I want one now. Is anybody taking any notice...?

    Yes; I hope that banana was recycled? To someone's tummy, of course!

    Carmi said...

    Better play wine glasses than play drug paraphenalia, I always say.

    I love the eclectic mix. He's definitely a creative one. Your pride is obvious to all who read you. Good on ya!

    meggie said...

    Loved the dinosaur's helmet.
    Really enjoyed reading your blogs.

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