Saturday, September 16, 2006

    Back to Reece

    Project: The Bathroom
    Stage: Concept & Design
    Restraints: Budget v. desire

    Ok, we are buying mid-range, but wow, stuff adds up...

    We're still 'on budget', but there is no allowance for things that can ( and do ) go wrong, extra copper wire, the unexpected problem, etc, so we need to revise, downwards.

    I mean, i'm not silly - I know the price of things, that a bath can cost $600 or $10k, that basins aren't cheap ( $340 a pop is pretty standard ) .. but I forgot to price an arm for the shower rose, so guesstimated on my sheet: $65.00.

    It's a pipe thingy, I mean, how much could it cost ?

    A PIPE ? Who am I kidding - it's not JUST a pipe, it "captures the essence of minimalist principals - elegance, simplicity and refinement. Quality of material & manufacture combine in pure symmetry". Wow, that's a pretty impressive pipe. Looking at it in store, it's kinda chrome, and um, straight, and um, it has some screwy bits at each end to connect to other things. It was also the only one, so it's not like it's top o' the line or anything: it's a standard ceiling extention arm ( that captures the essense of minimalist principals.. )

    So how much for a piece of pipe ?

    Jesus, Son of Mary !

    Lucky we found a $390.00 bath alternative to the $2.4k one I fell in love with...

    But then a heated towel rack is more like $800, not the $200 I was hoping for ...

    It'll all even out in the end, i'm sure ...

    Or we can simply replace the stuffed hot water service and get a new bathroom one day when we're older .. or richer .. or something .. or both ... ;)


    Anonymous said...

    A pice of rusty pipe will do the job


    Girl said...

    Thanks for your comment, h&b!

    The Boy was reading over my shoulder as I read through this post and we had to lean on each other, we were laughing so hard!

    The Boy was just debating replacing his laptop LCD screen for the price of that pipe. We feel your pain.

    Can't wait to see more of you!

    Mike said...

    How things go well with the renovation.

    Here from Michele's

    Em said...

    Wow - I'm impressed by your renovating... we are looking to buy and will probably be in the same situation in 6 months time. I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it.

    shpprgrl said...

    It's shocking how expensive things can be. We did a remodel awhile back and the same thing was happening to us. I had expensive taste and sometimes had to choose my second favorite less expensive item. It all turned out well. Your thing in your sidebar about your house is really cool. Hang in there! ;)

    nutmeg said...

    I'm at some bathroom place that puts whole packages together at best possible prices to personally suit me and my site. I walk in and they state all I need do is choose one of the five packages presented - it will be installed tomorrow by top tradesman with no residual issues - and then I wake up! But the next night I win the lottery....

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