Friday, August 04, 2006

    I am Headband-Girl

    Hair is going decidedly downhill by the day.

    Day 1 : Hairdresser do .. really doesn't count, does it ?
    Day 2: Kim Wilde "Kids in America" filmclip ( yikes ! )
    Day 3: Lesbian tennis player. I dunno. Think 'Sam Fox meets Martina' kindo thing.

    Day 4 ( today ): Terrible. Dried out ( but because I keep getting it wrong, I have to keep washing it and re-trying to style it ). We both decide it makes me look about 45yrs old ( I am 36yrs old, so this is not a good thing ). I look like ... someone's MOTHER. This is awful.

    We have to drive in to South Melbourne this afternoon, for a bathroom place appt. I am met by Ms. Immaculate ... her glossy dark smooth tresses contrasted greatly with my 'suburban mommy look' and I am hugely aware of mine frumpy image.

    Tonight AB asks me to put on the headband. The relief in his eyes is obvious.

    "Is this the best i've looked today?" I ask ( i've been fiddling with my hair all day - how's this look ? does this look ok ? Better or worse than the last time I asked ? )

    He says sorry, but the answer is 'yes'.

    "Would you still think I was hot and pick me up in a club with my hair the other way ?"
    " Sorry, but no, probably not " His face is wincing as he delivers the truth.

    Oh well, it had to be done, it had to be tried, but the fact is, I Am Headband Girl.
    I Look Best With My Hair Scraped Sharply Off My Face.

    And now I know ... i'm ok with that ... because I tried something else .. and it didn't work.

    Will still plug away at it, but at least I know there's enough of it left to scrape back into familiar territory when the going gets too 80's perm looking ....

    I wish I could do Annie Lennox short hair. Now there's a cool 80's rolemodel....


    rampant bicycle said...

    I feel your pain. ;) I have long hair, which mostly looks fine just hanging down...and that's good, because I can never seem to do anything with it! More complex efforts are largely doomed to failure. ;)

    Hello from Michele's, and happy weekend!

    salcam said...

    But I LIKE the cut in the pic below!!!! Very cute - not Smamtha Fox/Kim Wilde at all!

    Keep working with it. Call your cutter and ask for assvice or perhaps some styling gel or something???

    I also feel your pain. I cut all mine off a few months ago (my mother said I was far too old for long hair and I LISTENED, yipes!) and am now sporting a short 'fro which is a frizzy disaster. I am growing it out as fast as I can. Which with curly hair means about 1/4" per year.

    Damselfly said...

    Aw, it seems to happen every time a person gets a new cut. Maybe your stylist can help. Just think, it *will* be cool when you "own" it.

    [sigh]Annie Lennox[/sigh]

    Melody said...

    Obviously it was a 'do' that needed to much attention! I go to my hairdresses and ask for something 'choppy, shortish, with a fringe and I just have to give it a quck dry, whack some product and that's it!' Takes me about a minute each morning.

    Ps. Not all people in Sth Melb are like that! (Remembering I moved from there to here in Cairns!)

    shpprgrl said...

    Very funny descriptions!
    I don't know know if my headbands are my best or worst friend. I'm doing better after my cut and I hope you've had some relief too.

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