Thursday, August 03, 2006

    Can't .. do ... hair .. ( and other stuff )

    Firstly, thanks to all your kind words re: my new 'do'.

    Typically, I haven't been able to 're-create' it and have since been looking like a fishwife ( apologies to any fishwives out there .. I have no idea what a fishwife looks like .. you're probably all lovely, although several online dictionaries describe you as: "coarse and shrewishly abusive" .. so sorry about that .. )

    So i'll keep plugging at it, washing it everyday, trying new product etc .. *sigh*. Eventually it will grow long enough to scoop back under an aliceband, and I can go back to trying to be my heroes: Pru n Trude ( from Kath n Kim ).
    Oh come on, who wouldn't want to be working in their local "House" outlet, looking down their nose at the great unwashed ? ha !

    So with my fishwife 'do', I took advantage of a clear day and did some more yard work today.
    C. was quiet, inside, 'washing his hands'. I knew it was trouble, I knew I was gardening on borrowed time .. but I sorta .. forgot.... Eventually, he came out and gardened with me, and I was happy to have him within eyesight, so I relaxed.

    Meanwhile, the bathroom was flooding.

    Look, I needed to wash all the towels anyway, and it is a nice day ... so no harm done, right ? *sigh* What the hell did I do with my time before said child anyway ? Obviously nothing.
    Oh yeah, that's right. I worked, and thus helped pay the mortgage and grocery bills...

    Due to the new mortgage rate hikes, we're planning on sitting down to plan where to cull.
    I reckon get rid of Foxtel, which we never watch anyway, but AB likes the sports, and the Master likes the kids channel. Also, my mum is coming to stay, and a pampering environment is important. She loves the tele. However, AB is inspired by another blogger, where they tried to kill the beast, but the beast refused to leave.

    What CANNOT go ( according to me ): Internet connection. Wine.


    shannon said...

    Weve had a cull recently also, mainly on my eftpos and spending....because $600 a month on lunches and miscellaneous is apparently bad. Uh oh. Now I have to list what I spent money on. Mind you that cash wasnt petrol or groceries.

    I cant do hair either. Ive had the same ponytail for about 16 years now. Sometimes I hack in some layers.

    Yaeli said...

    I too am a lazy hair person. Maybe the secret to getting you hair to look good is not washing it everyday... I often find that my hair is more managable and looks better if I haven't washed it for a day or two.

    Sorry about the need to cull. This interest rate hike has made me glad that I am planning to build my life in Vanuatu rather than Australia.

    Michele sent me.

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