Saturday, August 05, 2006

    Too Much Hair, Not Enough House

    Well, despite what you read, it hasn't been ALL hair putty and conditioner around here... the house has been gradually falling down around us too ..

    A few things:

    1. The Hot Water Service is about to blow. It's leaking and making strange sounds. With mum coming and a few other things, the new bathroom has leapt to the front of the line, so we're waiting on a few quotes back, and hoping the HWS lasts until we can fix everything.

    2. We also have a gas leak. We're hoping the house doesn't blow up and are trying to save on a call-out fee by enticing whoever the lucky winning plumber is, to fix it at the same time as he's doing all the other bathroom work ...

    3. The toilet I got 'fixed' is starting to leak again, and is making *scary* noises that rumble the house about 2mins after flushing. In a way, this is good, as it should be a free callout, and then I can get the guy to look at the gas leak at the same time ?

    What a penny-pincher I am ... meanwhile we are possibly only days away from certain death. Please, nobody light a match ....


    Yesterday AB got stuck into the ivy again and nearly got it all off - only a little bit to go now. Yay Daddy ! Meanwhile, I took down some old and battered screen doors I hated. Not even worth flogging on Ebay.

    I hate screen doors. I'd rather the occasional insect in the house than having my vista of the great outdoors impeded. I also hate screens on windows, as I enjoy sticking my head out of them, and ... windowsill dependent, I like to sit up in them and daydream, or read....

    Unfortunately, the windows here don't support people sitting in them, but I still like my views without mesh regardless.

    You can also see AB finally ripped that stupid cot mattress carcass off the fence. Fab.


    Carmi said...

    Nothing scares me more than natural gas. I am intensely afraid of fire, explosions, and the stuff that causes them. We have natural gas heat, and it freaks me out every time I see the pipes out back.

    I tell ya....our next house is going to be solar!

    sage said...

    Ok, my bit of advice, forget about fixing the toilet or hot water heater and get the leak checked out--if the gas blows, it don't matter that everything else was working. As for screen doors, living here they're nice during the summer--otherwise, we'd all be just red and swollen mosquito bite. Here from Michele's H&B (do you make baseball bats, too--H&B use to be a leading maker of wooden bats, of course from down under, it would be a cricket thing-um-mug-jig)

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