Tuesday, August 15, 2006


    The weather in Melbourne has been *glorious* lately.
    I feel i've been trapped indoors for so long, and we bought this house for it's beautiful big backyard .. so i'm so pleased to be finally getting out there.

    Anyway, i've spent the last 2x days outdoors. We went to Bunnings on Sunday and bought a mini-gardening set ( inc. wheelbarrow, a real hit with the Master ), some more cheap pots for me ( much to my husband's disgust .. it just always seems like I own a lot when we move house dear, and this is our last house, remember ? ), and I bought some new mint, coriander and cat grass punnets, plus potting mix, sandpit sand, and other necessities of life ..

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    So yesterday, I painted the pots from my sample paint pot collection, and today was all about the potting. Also uprooted the previous owners ( I need to get a catchy name to identify him .. ) crappy mondo grass border, which just never worked for him, and potted it. I am not sure if I am a Mondo-Girl, but I like to pot things. I am surprised to find I have repotted some of his horrific succulents, and I don't mind them on a smaller scale. I just hate to trash plants I can experiment with. I don't mind trashing them after they don't work for me, but I like to give them all a go.

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    Like his Crocosmia ( identified by a friend, thanks ). I'm going to transplant some into an old concrete laundry tub I found here ( painted it up on Saturday ). I really like it, i'd never heard of it before. I really like discovery and trial and error. It's a good feeling, pottering, out in the sun ..

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    And this is my last chance for two weeks at least.

    Mum will be here tomorrow night ( a text from her just now has her furious to be in a tent outside Heathrow for 4hours as you are not allowed in the airport until your flight is called for boarding .... but you have to be there to check in 4 hours before said flight .. tee hee ... ok, it's only funny as it's not happening to me. No browsing the bookstore, no hot food, and you have to line up in the tent for bikkies and coffee ..... she must be in a dark mood .. hee hee ... )

    Anyway, the next two weeks will be about: wine, dip, paté, champers, eating out, shopping, kicking back, cheese, cheers and beers. Salut !

    ( Pics to be added later, blogger is being difficult on the upload .. )


    Lazy cow said...

    Your poor mum. I'd go crazy if that were me. Have a fabulous time together, it sounds like a lovely schedule!

    Damselfly said...

    Hope your mother has a safe trip!

    Melody said...

    I hope your mum arrived safe and soundly and not in too much of a dark mood. Enjoy your time with her...

    Green Kitchen said...

    Mmmmm...beers. Have some for me. I'm limited by nursing. :) Thanks for visiting my blog. If you like swear words you should check out Lauras' No Appropriate Behavior. She's funny, too.

    alex said...

    What a great blog. Glad to hear the weather is nice in Melb. You may get a bit of rain from our sunny(?) Adelaide though :) Here from Michele's today!

    tommy said...

    we hope to be in our last house as well, it's a good hope anyway.

    Looks like a mighty fine wheelbarrow, Michele sent me.

    Becky said...

    Wow, I had no idea the airport situation was so bad in London. I'd be mad too. Hopefully, those will be the end of her troubles for her journey over.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for commenting.

    My float said...

    Your garden looks lovely.
    Have a great time with your mum!

    shpprgrl said...

    What a cute little guy! He has big plans I'm sure!

    caramaena said...

    looks like a lovely big garden there.

    here via Michele's

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