Sunday, August 13, 2006


    According to SultanaBlog, i'm a jolly good read.
    It gave me a nice little buzz to go on all day, i'm quite thrilled !! ...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Blushingness aside, we got stuck into the yard again today. Council have a 'hard rubbish' kerbside collection this week, plus we managed to hire and overfill our 2nd skip.

    The feral compost corner is GONE !

    Seriously, I remember in Grade 6 wanting to grow up and be an Archeologist, uncovering the past, cool artifacts and discovering tombs etc. I still enjoy a bit of an unearthing on the Discovery Channel, but this most recent history was a bit too close to rummaging through someone's bowels.

    Every time I unearthed ANOTHER corn cob ... I thought about corn kernals .. and .. ok, that's gross.

    Anyhoo, he also ate a lot of eggs, avocados and potatoes.
    Actually, you could make a pretty tasty vege stack out of those ingredients ... but I digress ...


    My float said...

    Sultanablog got it right, you are a jolly good read.

    Having said that, you completely turned me off my lunch of salad with tuna and corn kernels!! Well, not the salad and tuna part, just the corn kernels! It reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park where Laura Dern plunges her arm into the dinosaur's massive droppings. Blergh.

    Suburban Turmoil said...

    I totally wanted to be an archaeologist, too. Or a paleontologist. I still wonder if I missed my calling...

    Angry Dad said...

    Sultanablog is right, you are a good read! So is she!

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