Saturday, August 19, 2006

    Dinner at Docklands

    The Quay Bar & Brasserie, Docklands

    So this is where we ate last night.
    It was ok.

    Good food and ambiance let down by service.

    ( no reading of the specials, and the wait for drinks and sides in a near-empty establishment at least gave us something to joke about while we passed the time )

    It's a stone-grill, so the menu is really based around fresh meat and seafood you cook yourself at the table.

    I cook every night.
    This is not a novelty for me.

    I order mine prepared by the chef, in the kitchen ( there is a tiny part of the menu that allows you to do this ). My meal is excellent.

    I do not envy the boys who opted for the cook-your-own option, although it looked very nice. My steak was dressed already and cooked to my liking: a no-brainer really.
    It's a $40 steak, cook it for me !

    Their website is quite odd. It amused me that amongst the perfectly normal gallery pics .. there was suddenly this pic ( click to enlarge ):

    Hmm - yes, The Quay Bar & Brasserie ... the place to be seen exhaling your ciggie with your bra-straps hanging out.

    How European ! How Urban Chic ! How Youth Market !

    Afterwards we retired to the bar part of the restaurant.
    I usually don't pay much attention to public restrooms, but these smelled divine, and I think the mixers were the ones we have been quoted on for our upcoming if-we-can-afford-it-gee-aren't-bathroom-reno's-exxy-these-days bathroom renovation ;)

    AND, I got picked up at the bar !! By a sharp dressed, well spoken, nice-smelling bald guy. He was quite dishy, and I wasn't even bothering to suck in my tummy. My husband saw it all, so hopefully he'll take better care of me in future, lest I get snatched up by some hot cool suave bald guy. I think he might have been the bar's owner actually, and was sussing me out for future patronage. I'm sure he cooled noticeably when he found I didn't live in the area....

    Oh well..


    utenzi said...

    I never thought about how similar the spellings of brassiere and brasserie are, MC. The picture of the bar/restaurant is beautiful. Looks like a great location for a place with such a chic name.

    Congrats on getting nearly picked up in the bar--and by such a nice smelling person, at that. Too bad hubby was cramping your style, MC. ;-)

    Michele sent me down under to see you!

    shannon said...

    mmm docklands is abit hit and miss eh? Im a fan of bhoj and thats about it.

    And noice work on the pick up, you were obviously looking the goods!

    h&b said...

    Hi Shannon - i've lost your email, and can't find it on your site.

    If you like a bit of a good-time bo-ho meal, I can highly recommend the Wild Yak on the corner of Smith & Gertrude, C'wood. The Dalai Lama ate there when he was in Australia ;)

    Actually, there's quite a few in Gertrude St i'm feeling a bit sad & wanting for ...

    Well, it is dinnertime and i'm making a very pedestrian spag bog .. so it's only natural my tastebud memories would wander ...

    Crayonsetc said...

    Oh, I am with you. If I am going out to eat... it is because I DON'T want to cook!!

    Stopping by tonight to say Hello, Michele sent me!!

    margalit said...

    Out to eat. You went out to eat? I'm so jealous. What is is like not to eat in your house? Is that what grownups do?

    Here from Michele

    Angry Dad said...

    It must be the time for going out to eat. We went out to the Brisbane Southbank yesterday as well! Not quite as flash as your brasserie at Docklands, but we had 2 of the 3 kids. And no, it wasn't Macca's!
    Good to hear you've still got it for the pickup. Next time you'll just have to take other lady friends!!

    muser said...

    who is michele ?

    Gina said...

    You win some, you lose out hubby!

    Melody said...

    If I am going to pay $40 for a meal, I'm NOT going to cook it!!! What a strange concept. Sounds as if the Docklands is improving... I always felt a little out of place there every time we went for a stroll around there...

    Violet & Rose said...

    This is so funny! I am so with you on you can cook my meal for $40 a steak! And as for sucking in your tummy. I suck mine in so much that you would think it would get the message and just stay sucked in by now. And I just read back on your babysitting dilemna. Totally founded concerns and I would have done the same thing.

    mommy said...

    maybe baldy lost interest when you didn't live locally cos he wanted a late 'coffee' back at your penthouse in the docklands .. or maybe he just spied me across the room .. rowrrrrr

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