Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Thanks !

    Just a little thankyou to all those who have provided feedback on the babysitting thang.
    Ok, so i'm not a nutso/freako - this is good to know.

    Actually, I received a kindly phone call last night from one of the founders just to check if I was 'ok'. She wanted to reassure me that the problem would be addressed, that it was a rule discussed at the St Kilda Xmas Dinner last year, and that yes, it was an issue for others, and not just me. She wanted to make sure I still felt comfortable enough to continue with the group, as she could understand how such a breach of trust might make one want to leave/quit.

    I felt 100% better after this call. Before it, I was wavering between awkward/uncomfortable/disappointed/angry .. so it was nice to be able to discuss it


    - Mum and C. and I have been shopping, and visiting and relaxing and playing. Good stuff.

    - AB's father had to go to hospital for a hernia operation after babysitting and lifting my 16kg son. This ended up being a good thing as the doctor said he was about to rupture, and he would have died, so my son ended up being the trigger for a life-saving operation. Bizarre.

    - Met my neighbour last night.
    We have been missing each other, so we left a note in his letterbox re: getting the fences done. He popped over yesterday afternoon with almost tears of joy in his eyes. He's been wanting the fences done for the last 2years. He's also ecstatic about the amount of clean-up we've done ( our ivy was attacking his trees and neat-as-a-pin garden etc ). I thought he was going to say "I Kiss You!" ( remember that guy ? ). Really nice though, and signed off off getting the fence done without even wanting a 2nd quote etc.
    I'm wondering if all the neighbours were waiting for the previous owner to leave, hoping we would want to fix things ?


    My float said...

    I'm still stewing over the babysitting thing on your behalf but am glad it's going to be sorted out.

    And bonus - a great neighbour! I'm so pleased for you!

    Angry Dad said...

    Glad you got the babysitting stuff sorted out. Its a whole new world, that fortunately or not, I haven't really dealt with yet. Getting sitters for a "not normal" kid is kinda hard to get my head around.

    Sounds like your neighbour is rapturous of what you guys have done! Well done!!

    Damselfly said...

    Child saves the day! Something for your father to treasure.

    Gina said...

    So horrible to have babysitting troubles - glad to hear about the phone call. Serendipidous hernia incident. Things happen for a reason?! What a story. Congrats on being the new and already well-liked neighbors.

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