Saturday, July 15, 2006


    C. slept the whole night in his bed, so the sitter must have really done a good job ! :)

    Bought him home a helium-filled balloon from the party - what a nanna I am ... at least I didn't stuff my handbag full of cakes and treats, like mine own Grandma used to do for her own children when she went out ballroom dancing. Funny.

    Besides, i'm not sure how well a curried egg sandwich and a mini-samosa go down the next day after a trip in a handbag ?

    This morning I set up our new toy. Considering we are not the big drinkers of the coffee, I wonder if it was a bit of a waste of money ? I blame mainly Sarah, who made me the most awesome coffee on a recent visit to her house and got me interested ( all of a sudden a spoonful of Nescafe Blend 43 and some hot water wasn't cutting it anymore .. ). Then my sister bought one ( um, neither she OR her husband drink coffee, but now they are ? Weird ), and I noticed every house seemed to have one. Oh.

    My God, i'm living in the dark ages ! Must ... get .. coffee .. machine ....

    Besides, Mum will be home soon - she'll go nuts over it.
    My first attempt ( at right ) ? - Not bad. I've paid good money for worse .. could have been a bit creamier, but not bad at all...

    If it ends up being a big waste of money, I can always clean it up, re-wrap it and *voila* - Merry Christmas Mummy. Ha !

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