Friday, July 14, 2006

    Yesterday's Comment

    Got a few replies to my inbox.
    I wondered how the 'mysterious alluding' would go down.
    Reaction perfect ;)

    People *DO* read my blog .... yay .. !!
    I'm not sure why people prefer to email me than use the 'comments' section .. but i'm betting it has to do with Nazi Work Policies and IT-Police ? ( am I close ? )

    Off to the hairdressers soon. We have a 'do' tonight and anyone that knows me knows:
    1. I have crap hair, and
    2. I can't do hair

    CB will be getting his snippetty-snipped.
    First time being babysat tonight - Yipes !


    muser said...

    You must be at your do by now. Hope you're having a great time and not stressing too much about C. :)

    h&b said...

    No stress, great time for us.
    A 5min tantrum for the sitter after we left, and then a good boy for the rest of the night ( or so she said )

    Came home to a little angel tucked up in bed :)

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