Monday, July 17, 2006

    Big Assed Mo-Fo

    Oh, I know. Charming title.

    C. and I went out today for a walk in the impending drizzle. Mainly as I wanted to pick up another skivvy for him from Target, with the added C.-bonus of an outing that includes going past the train station ( 3x trains today ! ), and the Pet Store.

    Target had .... Summer gear out.

    I just don't get the fashion seasonal in & out thing. Am I a dolt to want warm clothes in cold weather ? To not want to shop for mittens in the heat of summer ?

    Anyway, I bought an UMBRELLA ( for sunshowers, natch ), and had to get some nappies.
    We are officially up to the largest size made by Huggies .. so i'm thinking this is nature's way of hinting I should think of toilet-training sometime soon. Crap.

    I used to hate that interminable sitting around talking to toddlers as they sat and philosophised on the toiley, swinging their legs and wasting masses of toilet paper while they do .. nothing...
    And then we're back again 1 minute later. This was back when I used to babysit, so maybe it's more adorable when it's your own ?
    I'm not so sure.

    I think I might get me to a library and borrow up big before starting this particular adventure.....


    muser said...

    Tell me once you've got the solution to the toilet training thing. :D

    And on the winter clothes thing - I went to Best & less today to buy more long pants and long-sleeved shirts for my boy and managed to get a bunch on sale because... ALL the SUMMER gear is on the racks. Crazy.

    Symone said...

    Ahh toilet training... we've mastered daytime and daytime nap time but the night training is something I'm putting off for as long as possible...poor child toddles off to bed with his night 'big boy pants' as we call them ( don't mention the word 'nappy' anymore for fear of rejection )... We found that waiting for warmer weather and getting some groovy undies + a stepladder/chair all in one from Kmart worked beautifully as he could climb up himself and hold on to the handles and no need for the dreaded potty!

    shannon said...

    I am avoiding toilet training until she can teach herself. The fact my daughter 'relieves' herself in the bath most nights tells me she has no idea and that the house, apparently, is her toilet.

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