Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    Another Project

    Why not ?
    It's not like we've done anything with the other one ;)

    Actually re: the fireplace. It's only now costing twice as much as originally quoted. Am a bit pissed off with Agnews, who loosely quoted around $200 for installation. Um, the guy YOU recommended, quoted me $600 .. PLUS the extra fees for the plumber ( gas fittings ) and the electrician ( need to install a power outlet inside the chimney ). Of course, we have already put down a downpayment, so thanks for locking us in, Eddie. Not.

    Since then, the news is that my Mum is returning home from the UK, where she has lived for the past 5yrs. She's terribly homesick and is missing her girls and grandson, so she's coming home. Which is GREAT, from my perspective - it will be good to have a babysitter have her home again ;)

    So anyway, we have a pokey cold bathroom with a HWS that struggles to produce 2x warm showers per 12hr period. We also have a perfectly good ( but perfectly ugly and currently useless ) old Physiotherapist's room that is just busting to be fitted out as a bathroom.
    So we're hoping to kit it out before Xmas .. maybe ..

    P.S. - was there a special on blue paint at the local paint store at some stage ? I swear the ugly blue room here is in the same ugly blue shades as the ugly blue room at the last house. Weird.

    P.P.S. - Flipped up a bit of that sexy lino this morning, and the floorboards underneath look clean and solid. Bonus.

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