Thursday, July 20, 2006


    We're a little bit different here.

    Sometimes I wonder if I am an 'enabler' .. tolerating the development of bad habits as they mirror my own, beloved bad habits. Probably.

    We haven't been to Playgroup in about a month i'm guessing. All Playgroups seem to start at 9.30am at the LATEST it seems. My son gets up between 8-9am, sometimes even 9.30am.
    By the time we get there, the kids are all hooking into morning tea, which we reject. We just ate breakfast, after all. Playgroup wraps up at midday, so all the kids can go home for a nap. We're just getting started.

    We never miss Mother's Group. It starts at 2.00pm, after the other kids wake up. My son does not take day-naps. 2.00pm is perfect for us, seeing as we were only ready to leave the house by midday...

    We also co-sleep often. I actually like it. I know i'm causing future problems for myself, but my son, after getting up so late, usually goes to bed with me, around 11pm. I like his company, and he seems to be a lot like me in so many ways, so I feel I understand him and his needs. When I say "time for bed?", he replies "yay!" enthusiastically, and goes straight to our room and pulls back the covers. We each read from our books ( I'm re-reading "A Genius In The Family" .. he's got a Hairy McClary adventure ), and then finally, it's lights out. Dad's there too, but he went to bed a while back, and is already asleep mostly.

    So, what to do ? Conform ? I don't know.
    I *could* put my foot down, but that would mean i'd miss my lovely lay-ins and my late bedtimes too. I quite like our slacker routine. Sure, i'll have to re-set the boundaries when it's time to do the mainstream schooling lark .. but man, you spend so much of your life working for the man, and obeying the timepiece, doing the drudge.
    I think a bit of freedom now isn't such a bad thing ?

    God knows mummy likes it.

    P.S. - Lack of pics lately due to 'someone' sticking my camera cable into a wad of Play-Doh, almost causing the computer to have a meltdown: "device not recognised, device not recognised, danger Will Robinson, danger !" I hate blogs with no pics, so maybe i'll dig up something from the archives ....


    Shannon said...

    Ive got a sleeper-in-a-rer also, which means Im organised by about 10am, at the earliest. Maybe your abit against all routine rules from the baby nazi's but atleast youre having fun doing it your way.

    Juliness said...

    I think whatever works for you, is fine. You can deal with the rest when you must. Here visiting from Michele's and the tiny state of Delaware. Great blog!

    IndyPindy said...

    Hi, here from Michele's. I would never be ready for playgroup at 9:30!!! ESPECIALLY if I had a child!

    Carmi said...

    If you're still having trouble with the cable, one workaround might be to buy a card reader. These things are universally compatible, incredibly inexpensive, and a lot faster for transferring pictures than the cable ever was.

    Sorry I'm such a geek sometimes!

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