Monday, June 12, 2006

    Pros & Cons of a Latesleeper

    - You can get things done in the AM ( Pro )
    - You sometimes sleep in yourself ( Con )

    C. is so much his mother's son in his sleeping patterns - drives his daddy ( the early-nighter ) nuts. C. & I stay up to 11pm - Midnight and awake at the leisurely hour of 8am. I think it's great. No 5am starts.

    However, it can make you waste the day and be quite slothful :(

    Did some more work around the house yesterday. Tried to put up C's Tintin print in his room, but seriously could not get a hole in the wall. Nice to know the house is SOLID !

    Also uploaded a heap of house pics on the 'net. Keep in mind there's a bit of mess about - pics were all taken on the first 2 days of moving in ;)

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