Saturday, June 10, 2006

    Of Fathers

    A. reckons Master B said his first sentence yesterday: "I want my Mummy".
    I'm a bit doubtful, myself, since all I ever here is "Daad-dee, Daad-dee, Daad-dee".

    He calls for Daddy in the mornings ( he gets me )
    He calls for Daddy when he's in trouble ( Daddy's at work )
    He calls for Daddy when he's lost/frustrated/needing me to get the hurry on ( I get mileage out of this one in the form of supermarket patron giggles when I deadpan back "I am not your father, Bubby, I am your mother, remember me ?" )


    Got to feel a bit sorry for old AB though. He works from dawn to dark daily, and comes home to suffocating 'be with me, play with me, look at me Daddy'. It's flattering too, and I know he loves it, but there's no "me" time for Daddy ( I get mine when I am dumped for Daddy ;)

    C. really loves his Daddy.

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