Friday, June 23, 2006

    Of Wardrobes & Wee

    I have a headache.

    Wardrobes delivered this morning - not bad, will do the trick, but it has somewhat darkened up our amazingly light and big bedroom :(
    A bonus is, you can see how good the in-builts will be when they are eventually done.
    The room will look fantastic !

    After that, we left to do some tax stuff and run some errands. Got lunch, came home, and planned to maybe look at a kitchen place we passed recently.

    While A. has a light kip on the couch, I go into the bedroom to play with the 'robes and the positioning of the room.

    AB & C. come out and C. plays hidey in one of the wardrobes, and we all laugh. I go into the kitchen to do something. There's a squeal, some 'oh no' type exclaimations and a 'lets go see mummy and clean you up'. I groan - what could have possibly occured in all of 20seconds ?

    Bubby has Cat wee on his hand. Apparently during all this mirth, the still-sensitive Hamlyn was hiding on the bed between the pillows and has wee'd himself, and is sitting in a pool of it. C. put his hand in the pool. The house smells like wee. Oils are burning, and there is a load of linen in the washing machine. AB has gone with the doona to the laundromat.


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