Saturday, June 24, 2006

    My Son Is Amazing

    Ok, definate bias .. but there's something about him, something special, something good.

    When I watch him play golf, of his own accord, I think 'wow, where'd that come from ?'
    And yes, duh, I know his father is a Professional, but there's been no tuition, no push. He really seems to just love it.

    Then there's the "Mummy" side of him - quieter, deeper. A love of art & nature.
    He stops to smell the roses ( literally ), and today, he went outside to sit and draw, at one with nature. It was totally adorable. Again, I haven't drawn in years, and it's not like this is an activity he's picked up at Playgroup or anywhere else ... it's all him.

    I swear he's an old soul.
    And maybe he's not that amazing ? .. but i'm allowed to think he is, anyway :)

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