Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Blogged Out ...

    My brain is all soggy.

    Y'know, beside the few I have listed on the right of this blog, I have another 35 blogs I love to look at and be inspired by. All of them more creative and prettier than the last; their owners deliciously weaving colour and pictures and words that make me ooh & sigh in delight.

    I wish I was more pro-active. I like to think one day i'll get there ;)

    Anyway, with this in mind, today I tried to 'individualise' my blogger instead of using one of the generic backgrounds provided for free. I came up with the above, which i'm really quite impressed with. I've never worked in or with graphics or computers before.

    But I think it might be easier to use the free background. It nearly did my head in trying to incorporate it into this site. Oh well ;)

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